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Student engagement

April 2022 Spotlight

8 June 2022

April 2022 Spotlight

Written by: Geena Whiteman and Phoebe Bowers

For the past few months, Phoebe, and I (Geena) have been working with Liz Irvine from ENCAP to conduct a review of the ENCAP personal tutoring programme. We wanted to understand, from the eyes of the students, where the programme was working well, and where it needed improvements – including what personal tutoring sessions should focus on, and how to engage students socially to better improve their experience at ENCAP. Both of us came at this from different perspectives, with Phoebe being a Postgrad in ENCAP (and previously an undergrad), so having lived experience of the system – whilst I come from different universities and degree programmes, giving me an ‘outsiders view’. We worked together to develop a survey for students to fill out, that discussed year-by-year, the personal tutoring programme and whether it worked for them. We finished the project by producing a final report for the ENCAP team to review, that provided student insights into the personal tutoring scheme and gave suggestions for how to improve the scheme for the following academic year.