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LinkedIn Learning – Student Testimonial

19 January 2022

LinkedIn Learning: The Treasure Cove of Resources You Probably Haven’t Even Heard of!

Written by Jade Tucker (Student Champion)

As a third year Psychology student, you would probably assume that I would have gained all there is to know about the array of virtual learning courses and resources available to students via the Intranethowever, it wasn’t until I took a project opportunity with the student championship scheme that I learned about LinkedIn Learning – and now I couldn’t see learning without it!

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform with a massive variety of quality content to support the development of professional, creative, and technical skills. And the good news is that courses generally take no longer than an hour to work through (and are often much shorter). 

Account creation is so easy – all it takes is your student login details and you’re able to unlock a whole array of new learning content across a range of academic principles. As a psychology student, who dreads the statistics modules, I would have to recommend their statistics courses such as Statistics Foundations: The Basics, with an easy-to-understand lesson plan, detailed transcript and a whole host of thoughtful chapter quizzes, I am already gaining the confidence to smash those final year exams!

LinkedIn Learning, however, is not just an amazing tool to assist your university learning, it can also provide you a whole host of useful skills (and most importantly certificates highlighting those skills for employers) to enrich your CV and fill up that achievements section. I have already gained certificates in building resilience, mental health, safeguarding and change readiness, all skills employees love to hear, all within my very first week!  

The courses are easy to follow, the skills and certificates gained are for sure to set you apart in the job market and have employers beckoning at your feet, so far, I’ve had nothing but a good experience using LinkedIn Learning – and I’m confident you would too if you gave it a go!