Dull Egwyddor o Ddysgu Ar-lein

Posted on 16 June 2020 by cesi

Wrth i ni gynllunio ar gyfer y flwyddyn academaidd newydd, mae Caerdydd – fel y mwyafrif o brifysgolion ledled y byd – yn wynebu newid digynsail yn y ffordd y bydd ein dosbarthiadau’n cael eu haddysgu a’r ffordd y bydd ein myfyrwyr yn dysgu. Ni roddodd y symudiad cychwynnol ar-lein ym mis Mawrth unrhyw gyfle
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Erasmus+ scheme and visit at Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen – part 2 | Cynllun Erasmus+ ac ymweliad â Phrifysgol Dechnegol Denmarc, Copenhagen – rhan 2

Posted on 7 March 2019 by Martin Nosek

Rhan 2/2 | Part 2/ 2 *Fersiwn Cymraeg isod | Welsh version below* Rhan 1 | Part 1 Digital Education: Similarly to Cardiff’s “Way Forward” education strategy, DTU has their own strategy that involves some commitments for the future regarding digital education. It is interesting that a technical university is only at the beginning of
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Erasmus+ scheme and visit at Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen – part 1|Cynllun Erasmus+ ac ymweliad â Phrifysgol Dechnegol Denmarc, Copenhagen – rhan 1

Posted on 18 February 2019 by Martin Nosek

Rhan 1/2 | Part 1/ 2 *Fersiwn Cymraeg isod | Welsh version below*Rhan 2 | Part 2 Inspired by our very own Marianna who visited Leiden University in the Netherlands last year and encouraged by my own visit to the University of Jyvaskyla Finland 10 years ago, I decided to apply for a grant from
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XERTE X Upgrade | Uwchraddio i XERTE X

Posted on 5 February 2019 by Owen Crawford

*Fersiwn Cymraeg isod | Welsh version below* This is a short blog post to let you know about some of the key features in the recent XERTE upgrade.  There are several bug fixes and advanced updates too, but these are the three most important ones. Cardiff Theme You can now select the Cardiff University XERTE
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Learning Central Blackboard assignments upgrade

Posted on 11 January 2018 by Martin Nosek

**Please bear in mind that this does not affect Turnitin assignments or Feedback Studio** As you may have noticed, there’s been an upgrade to Blackboard assignments on Learning Central. The only change is in grading interface for Blackboard assignments known as Crocodoc. All other steps including creation of Blackboard assignments and submissions are still the
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PANOPTO your first PREZI

Posted on 21 July 2017 by Martin Nosek

Whether you are Prezi expert, or thinking about using it for the first time, we’ll take a look at its new features and combining it with the University’s capture system – Panopto.  Before we start, there’s a couple of things to note about using free web tools: Sites now often offer “freemium” services (the word
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Getting started with CMALT

Posted on 9 March 2017 by Dewi Parry

Yesterday we welcomed Dr Shirley Evans from the University of Worcester to Cardiff University to discuss all things CMALT. CMALT is a peer-based professional accreditation scheme for individuals whose work involves learning technology. If you succeed in completing the accreditation, you will gain Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT). As Honorary Secretary
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Turnitin at the School of Architecture

Posted on 9 March 2017 by Gethin Rowlands

Recently, I led a Turnitin session for the School of Architecture, where we walked through how to use the Turnitin suite to set up an assignment, how a student would then submit their piece of work, and how to use the Originality Report and the functionalities of GradeMark effectively. This session was the result of
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Turnitin Conference 2015 (London)

Posted on 26 October 2015 by Dewi Parry

by Dewi Parry This is the first and last time I’m going to mention getting up at 5.45am to go to a conference! Apart from that, it was great to go down to Westminster again, and to the QEII Centre for this year’s Turnitin Conference. If you have a twitter account, you can follow the
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