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‘Rhwydweithiau Dysgu Personol’ mewn Prifysgol sy’n cadw pellter cymdeithasol

Posted on 11 June 2021 by cesi

Rydym yn dysgu llawer gan ein gilydd. Boed hynny’n rhywun yn dangos i ni sut i wneud rhywbeth, neu’n gwylio beth maen nhw’n ei wneud, neu ddarllen beth maent wedi’i ysgrifennu – mae dysgu’n weithred gymdeithasol. Mae gan bob un ohonom ‘Rwydwaith Dysgu Personol’ sefydledig o’n cwmpas, casgliad o ffynonellau gwybodaeth, cyngor ac arweiniad. Gallai
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Digital Education, Student engagement

‘Personal Learning Networks’ in a socially-distanced University

Posted on 11 June 2021 by cesi

We learn many things from each other. Whether it is being shown how to do something by another person, or watch what they are doing themselves, or reading what they have written – learning is a social act. Each one of us has an established ‘Personal Learning Network’ around us, a collection of sources of
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Learning and Teaching Conference 2021 – Using online tools for collaborative activities and authentic summative assessments

Posted on 4 June 2021 by cesi

At our Learning and Teaching Conference in July, we (Karl Luke & Simon Wood) will be doing a “What Works” story session in which we will discuss how our students are summatively assessed on an online learning package that they create. This is an approach we use on the medical education modules each of us teach on
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The CESI team

Team Tuesdays – Meet Andy, Media Technology Officer

Posted on 25 May 2021 by cesi

Name and role title: Andy Hilbourne, Media Technology Officer What is your role in the CESI team? I am responsible for video and media production for the team. This includes making materials for learning and student voice engagement.  Describe a project you have been involved that you have enjoyed 360 hospital capture has been a welcome change
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