Crisis Resolution Home Treatment

HUNT, S. 2012. The effectiveness of crisis resolution home treatment. Mental Health Practice, 15, 26-28.

This is a descriptive paper about the delivery of a crisis resolution home treatment (CRHT) service was written by the manager of UK based service. CRHT services seek to provide brief intensive support at home to people as an alternative to hospital admission. The author indicated that to achieve this aim it was important that the team avoided engaging in activities that fell outside of their primary role. He also suggested that they managed referrals into the team by asking four questions: Is admission required? Does the service user have a home? Is it safe to treat the service user at home? Is the service user willing to be treated at home? Answering yes to all four questions suggested that CRHT might be a helpful intervention. Finally, the author highlighted that teamwork and team decision-making led to a more consistent service being offered to people accessing the service.

The impact of CRHT teams upon the rates of psychiatric admissions is an area where there remains some debate. In spite of the title, my view is that this paper does not offer anything further about admission rates. It does however offer a great deal of insight in how to effectively run and deliver a CRHT service. Describing in detail what has been working well e.g. the ‘four question’ referrals algorithm and what has worked less well e.g. engaging in commitments outside of the team’s primary function.

I found this to be an accessible article that offered insight into the organisation and running of a crisis resolution home treatment team. Reading this paper helped me to realise the value of clinicians sharing information not just within teams or local services but also through publications such as this article.


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