Cardiff University Welsh Baccalaureate Conference (The Individual Project) 2015

This free event was developed in partnership between Welsh Government Officials, senior WJEC staff and Cardiff University research staff from several academic disciplines, across the University.

The aim of the event was to engage teachers and specifically Welsh Baccalaureate Co-ordinators with research and research methods, to support the teaching of Individual Project Challenge in the new Welsh Baccalaureate specification. The key objectives of the day for teachers were:

1.      To improve confidence to deliver the Individual Project.

2.      To support the delivery of assessed skills within the Individual Project:

·         Critical thinking and problem solving

·         Research methods

·         Planning and organisation of a research project

·         Datasets and analysis

3.      To share best practice, knowledge and ideas to enable the development of a researcher led school engagement programme for Cardiff University.

4.      To develop effective partnership working with Cardiff University.