Dude, where’s my consequentials?

Posted on 27 June 2017 by Guto Ifan

This article was written by Guto Ifan. Guto joined the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University as a research assistant on the Government Expenditure and Revenue Wales (GERW) project, analysing public finances in Wales. The 6-page-long list of financial concessions gained by the DUP has dominated the reaction to their deal with the Conservatives. For
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Aneurin Bevan and Wales

Posted on 7 March 2017 by Nye Davies

In a previous article I mentioned that this year marks 120 years since the birth of Aneurin Bevan. The post contained a discussion on the legacies of Bevan and another Welsh political giant, David Lloyd George, and their places within Welsh political tradition. As part of my research into the political thought of Aneurin Bevan, I
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Dryswch yng Nghymru Fydd?

Posted on 14 February 2017 by Aled Hughes

Aled Morgan Hughes sy’n ymateb i argymhellion diweddar gan Lywodraeth Cymru ar ddiwygio etholiadau cyngor sir… Dros yr ugain mlynedd ddiwethaf, gyda thwf pwerau a chynrychiolaeth, does fawr amheuaeth i fap etholiadol Cymru ddod yn fwyfwy cymhleth. Dychmygwch, er enghraifft, neidio mewn car a gyrru o Gaernarfon i Aberystwyth. Gwibio heibio’r chwedlonol Madiha Tandoori; foot
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Political Knowledge in Wales

Posted on 7 February 2017 by Jac Larner

The issue of measuring the political knowledge of voters is one that can be traced to the origins of modern political science. Without the ability to measure public opinion on a large scale, academics of the past worried that the electorate were apathetic and uninformed about government. Although modern public opinion measurement has improved at
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Gender and Representation in National Assembly for Wales Elections

Posted on 12 October 2016 by Jac Larner

In 2003, the National Assembly for Wales made waves worldwide as the first legislature to achieve 50:50 gender balance. Having shown such swift progress on equal representation, the Assembly has enjoyed a reputation as an institution more progressive – and representative – than Westminster. Yet in the years since, we’ve already begun to see the
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