Introducing Dexter the Medtronic Minimed 640G

Photograph of Medtronic Minimed 640G

OK, so on Thursday 25th Feb I finally got my pump! It’s the Medtronic Minimed 640G and it’s beautiful!


He’s been named Dexter, and he’s black with a grey/black patterned skin on the back


I’m only on saline until the 3rd of March and then it’s on to insulin.

The reservoir is the clear plastic bit at the top, with the cannula coming out. There is an active guard on top which is the sticky out bit, and it keeps the reservoir locked in place .(It’s really not something you want to be popping out!). Not always necessary, but I know if it’s not on there I will lose it!

The BG monitor I use links up with my pump and sends the result to the pump using radio waves. This is really handy so you don’t have to faff around, inputting the numbers in.

Dexter also has a bolus wizard, meaning that it can work out the insulin needed when I input the number of carbs and takes into account my current blood sugar reading.

All of this is kept on a log, and can be connected up to something called CareLink.

CareLink is used by healthcare professionals, like DSNs. It means instead of you painstakingly writing everything down, all the data is uploaded to the server and can be read when you go to appointments. Everything is there, BGs, carbs, times, etc. You can also add event markers, for example if you have a high BG reading and need to correct with an insulin pen (injection) you can mark this which also be uploaded so your DSN can read what happened and how you coped with it. This is amazing for changing any basal rates and any aspects of your diabetes care!

The infusion set I’m currently using is called the Quick Set by Medtronic. It comes with a blue inserter, and at the push of a button inserts the set cannula into the body.

IMG_2902 IMG_2903

The top right picture is the infusion set and the big blue bit in the middle is where the needle is housed for insertion.

I’m finding them a bit uncomfortable at the moment so I may ask to use a different one. 🙂

But this is what it looks like when it’s inserted!


The top plastic bit can turn and when both arrows are lined up it disconnects the tube and the pump from the cannula in the body. Handy for showers, and other things!

The silver rings are where I’ve inserted my sets before so I remember they’ve been!

So there it is! Pump life properly starts on Thursday and I can’t wait!!

Hoping to start with CGMs soon, so when it’s all set up there’ll be another post!

Any questions please feel free to comment, or have a look at some of my previous posts which detailed Pump Therapy vs MDI.



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