So I had an appointment with the dietician this morning, and she agreed that my carb counting was good and just need to work on my background rates a bit more. But she’ll ring me with a date to go onto a pump!!!


So so there’s three appointments which entails learning to go onto a pump.

The first is the saline week. This is where the pump is attached to you for a week but there isn’t any insulin involved with it. It’s just saline in there but you need to push all the buttons and everything as if there was insulin. This is to give you the chance to have a feel of the pump and how it is when it’s attached to you.

The next appointment a week later is when the insulin is put in! So a certain lack of injections will take place.

After this the last appointment is a follow up to see how you’re getting on and any adjustments that need to be made here.

Then appointments as and when decided by your DSN and dietician.

So the pump isn’t all fun and games. Until your background rate is fully worked out, you need to test every 2 hours to make sure your not shooting ridiculously high.

The pump is a continuous learning curve. After all of this there’s stuff which can help that you couldn’t do with injections.

If you have a high carb meal with a lot of fat involved, you have to split your dose when on injections. This is because if there is a high amount of fat it can take longer for the carbs to digest and enter your blood stream. So you’re more likely to hypo as the carbs haven’t entered your bloodstream yet. With the pump you can set it to push through the bolus at a set rate therefore saving you from hypoing.


More updates when I hear the dates 🙂

Please comment if you’ve got any pointers!!


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