And cue mental breakdown.

Stats course work.

3x c.w assignments.

1 x peer review session.

1 x biochemistry exam.



I’m having a slight mental breakdown at all the work we’ve currently got on.

Plus I’ve got a new manager to come in to my work soon -.- it’s going to be a long haul before the Christmas break.

And I’m panicking that I’m going to fail this Biochem exam which is like 20% of my modular grade? Blergh. I want to go home and curl up into a ball right now!

On the plus side, I’ve got an upcoming pump assessment appointment!! I may be able to start with an insulin pump assuming they give me the go ahead!!

So to sum up – slight mental breakdown, but possibly a pump to help control the increase of sugar levels due to the stress 🙂 any info, advice would be greatly appreciated!! much love! xxtaz


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