Welcome Week Over and Done with…

Ok, first week of uni done *wipes sweat from brow*


Well, welcome week was ok, but now I’m just itching to get into the work tbh!! (Won’t be saying that in a month).

Still having a few introductory lectures, but getting to grips with the lecture work now especially in ‘The Dynamic Cell!’ (module BI1004).

Skills for Science looks good as it would prepare every student for later scientific adventures, but the sheer amount of essays, formatives, assessments, and exams are slightly putting me off! But, to be fair, I think when we’ve got a timetable of what needs doing by when the grasp on time keeping will be well and truly ground into my brain!

In other news, the disability and dyslexia service at CU are amazing! (I can only speak for the disability bit as I’m not dyslexic). JB, the member of staff who helped put everything in place for me, was lush. We had a giggle, a chat, but most importantly she explained everything to me that I needed to know; who to contact if I was going to miss a lecture, what to do with a massive night hypo in the case of next day exams/pracs. Actually, now I feel that if something did happen it really wouldn’t go against me 🙂 Hats off to JB!!


When the pracs and lectures really get going I’m sure I shall vent all frustration on here!

Much Love guys!!



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