Case studies

Functional groups on Carbon

Model Iron-Molybdate films

Oxychlorination of Cu(110)

OH version of HOPG grid black spheres

Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) has been studied as a model for the fundamental properties of specific functional groups and their interactions with deposited nanoparticles. Treatment of HOPG surfaces with low concentrations of hydrochloric acid results in significant topographic changes to the surface and a low concentration of oxygen containing species. From selective derivatization, DFT calculations and a comparison of their XP spectra, the latter can be unambiguously identified as surface hydroxyls.

Molybdenum oxide on Fe111

Although a great deal of research has been conducted into iron molybdate catalysts, little has been undertaken on the surface science of these compounds. We Have investigated the deposition of molybdenum oxide films on a bulk iron oxide single crystal surface for use as a model catalyst with the aim of identifying the nature of the active phase and, ultimately, of the active site for selective methanol oxidation.


OxygenThe Cu-O-Cu chains that are replaced by Cl(a) with structures representative of Cu(I) rather than Cu(II)