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Your opportunity to talk with Student Wellbeing Champions this December

Tsvetina, Counselling, Health and Wellbeing placement student, tells us more about the December hotspots and her role as a Wellbeing Champion…


If you aren’t feeling your best and could use a wellbeing boost and some tips to get you ready for enjoying your Winter break, come and see us at our Student Wellbeing Champion Hotspots this December!

Drop-in at our Wellbeing Hotspots this December

It is almost the end of term, but we are still doing a final push to promote health and wellbeing for students! Come and find us at some of the following Hotspots and chat informally with fellow students who are trained to listen to students, to hear what’s on their mind and to help by offering wellbeing advice and directing them for further support where necessary:


Don’t be afraid to come and chat, the Wellbeing Champions are here to help!


This week I’ve decided to give you little bit more information about myself and my personal insight from the Wellbeing Champions programme.


Meet Tsvetina, Wellbeing Champion…


Hi, my name is Tsvetina and I am a Wellbeing Champion and Event Coordinator.  As part of my role of Event Coordinator I help out in organising the different events and attend all of them to make sure everything is running according to plan.

Being so immersed in this programme has given me so much, not only for my own personal wellbeing, but also for knowing more about the worries and difficulties of today’s students. I go to each event with the clear idea to listen to what students have in mind and to help them however I can at the same time. Listening to what people share with you at these events is a responsibility that can actually make a difference for somebody, which keeps us all going. Being able to see how much help you can be to students is incredibly rewarding and a reason to stay positive yourself as well.

I know that sometimes mental health is a sensitive topic to students as most of them assume that being under stress is what university is all about and they ‘should’ be able to handle the burdens of work. In that way self-care is often ignored or thought of as redundant, because society teaches us that good grades come with hard work and there is no way around those sleepless nights before exams. There is even more added pressure coming from parents and employers, insisting that if you do well in university you will get a good job.

In this ceaseless interplay of different factors influencing students’ wellbeing it’s crucial to be mindful of keeping a healthy body and mind. These things are for life and setting a good basis in university is something that all students should aim for.

Please don’t be afraid to talk about your experiences, sharing is the most basic and easy way of coping with your difficulties. I would love to talk with even more of you at our events so please keep an eye for our blue T-shirts!


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe found some reasons to get involved with our work. Another post will be coming next week so make sure you check the Student Life CU page for updates!

Find out more

You can find out more about the Wellbeing Champions, their upcoming events and how you can get involved here.


Best wishes

Tsvetina, Placement Student


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