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Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity with benefits that will last a lifetime!

Amy, final year English student and Intern at Careers & Employability shares her thoughts on working abroad …




Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity with benefits that will last a lifetime! We all know that. However more often than not, some of us can’t help but feel that it is an opportunity that may just be out of our reach. I know that this is how I have felt in the past.

I remember, in my first year of University, speaking to other students who had taken a Gap Year in places such as China and I was (quite un-subtly) envious of their amazing experiences and I couldn’t help thinking, ‘their CV’s are going to look so much better than mine!’ During my time at University I have met even more students who had either already worked abroad or have done so since beginning their time studying here. But all this while, even listening to and envying their incredible stories, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that working abroad myself was more of a pipe dream than something to actually set my sights on.

If anybody else is currently feeling the way I did, then I encourage you to stop! First of all I had a realisation: these other student friends of mine aren’t that far removed from me! I mean, how different are we? We all come from similar backgrounds, we’re all doing our weekly shop at Lidl and we’ve all already exceeded our overdraft limits, yet they’re about to swan off to the USA to do a summer of work experience whilst I’ve just booked a £4 Mega Bus back to the Midlands. Spot the difference!  We are all in the same boat and if they are managing to go and do these amazing work experiences abroad, then surely so can I!?

With this in mind, I urge you to go and actually have a look into what it entails to make working abroad a reality. Don’t be afraid to do some research! I know things all begin to feel a lot more real once you’ve actually typed the words into the Google search bar, but it’s such a vital step to take! And to make this step an even easier one, allow me to point you in the direction of  GoinGlobal.
Cardiff University’s Careers Central subscribe to this service and encourage students to use their website to research working abroad. It makes what may seem to be a scary procedure actually really palatable.

I have found that one of the most useful/helpful things that the GoinGlobal database has to offer are their ‘Country Career Guides’. This part of the website allows you to choose a country and then browse through an extensive amount of information about working abroad in this particular place. For example, you can browse the top companies in that country, financial considerations such as the cost of living in that country, cultural advice and even information on work permits and visas. Each country has its own specific information, tailored to that countries requirements, which is laid out in these easy-to-navigate sections.

Another helpful part of the website, especially for those who already have their mind made up on working abroad in a particular country, is the Jobs and Internships listings page. Here, GoinGlobal boasts “More than 16 million openings, updated daily.” You can search for jobs by location, job title, job industry, your academic degree or by typing in skills or key words related to the job you are looking for.

These are just the beginnings of what makes GoinGlobal a great website to have a look at, so rather than me take up any more of your time, go and have a look.

You can also access information about GoinGlobal through Cardiff Careers Central when you use your student log in.

If you are somebody who is considering working abroad then another option for you is Cardiff University’s Global Opportunity Centre. The centre offers a great service with information and advice about what opportunities are available for working abroad. Check out the website for more information about what they provide and their contact details.

I hope you have found this a useful blogpost and enjoy your research into working abroad!
Bon Voyage!


Best wishes
Amy, Student Intern, Careers & Employability





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