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Why Cardiff is such a great place for new graduates to thrive

FOR Cardiff exists to make Cardiff city centre a better place to do business and one of the things we’re keen to do is convince lovely new graduates like you to stay in the city.


Yes this might be a little bit selfish but keeping hold of graduates is good for Cardiff but let’s be honest staying in Cardiff is good for graduates too. Here’s why:

It’s Cheap(ish)

Congratulations on graduating, says the local authority, here’s your council tax bill. Life, sadly, gets more expensive once you leave university especially if like me you forget to extend your student discount through an NUS extra card. Fortunately choosing to stay in Cardiff compared to London, Birmingham or Manchester or even moving home if like many of the Cardiff students I knew you hail from the Home Counties. Here’s a particularly bleak recap of what your hard earned cash will get you in London.

Quality of Life

Place managers (ie people like me) like to talk about quality of life a lot: liveability, viability, walkability and all manner of useful but evidently ‘made-up’ words. That said Cardiff does have great quality of life with various reports placing it at the top of UK wide polls and ranking highly amongst the European capitals too – this is partly down to the cost of living, as mentioned above, but there’s more to it than that: greenspace, community spirit, availability of employment and loads of other lovely stuff. Put in unpleasantly real terms this means that Cardiff is a city with great prospects, plenty to do, and living here won’t turn your snot black (sorry London!)

Cardiff’s On The Up

When I was a fresher in the dark and distant days of 2010 Cardiff was quite a different place, which is funny because the people I spoke to then who had been around a little longer said again that since they had moved here Cardiff had become a very different place. Staying in Cardiff means you’ll be open to a whole new world of unfolding possibilities – yes you’ll still have a CF postcode but just what CF means is undoubtedly up for debate. Cardiff also has one of the youngest populations in the UK – you might not think that’s important but I moved to Winchester for three years after graduating and living in a place with a very limited young professional population can sadly be hard work.


You Love Cardiff

They say that #GradsLoveCardiff and its true but there’s more to it than that. Places matter to people. Now that you’ve spent some time living here you’ll know that there’s no place like Cardiff on a match day, you know that there’s nowhere else quite like Live Lounge, and that Bute Park on a summer afternoon is pretty much perfect. If you can explain to me why you want to leave Cardiff beyond a vague sense of, ‘I feel like maybe I should’ then fine but if you’re thinking about leaving Cardiff because you think graduates are ‘supposed’ to go to London then I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Your life is about how you live not where you live but you might as will live in Cardiff because, let’s face it, Cardiff’s great.


Find out more…

FOR Cardiff is supporting the Big Graduate Fair. Come along to the Big Graduate Fair and meet with over 25 employers who will be interested in offering graduate opportunities and internships in the Cardiff/South Wales area. Be sure to check out the #GradsLoveCardiff zone at the fair. Make sure you click *Going* on the Facebook event to receive all the latest updates about the fair and to book your places for any talks taking place on the day, including Graduate Opportunities in Wales. More information about the employers attending can be found on the intranet also.

The Big Graduate Fair will take place on Friday 27 April, 11:00 – 15:00 in the Great Hall, 1st Floor Students’ Union. See you there!

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Best Wishes,

Emily Cotterill, Project OfficerFOR Cardiff

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