What is a guarantor?

Just as you were thinking “that house hunting malarkey was easier than I thought it was going to be” the letting agents hit you with who’s your guarantor? You’ve never heard the word before and have no idea who or what could be your guarantor.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who is willing to guarantee to your Landlord that they will pay your rent if you fail to do so.  Landlords will usually ask for an adult who lives in the UK to act as guarantor for you.  For the majority of students they will ask a family member to act as their guarantor.  For some students that isn’t possible due to various reasons.

What can I do if I haven’t got anyone to ask to be my guarantor?

Firstly, don’t panic there a number of options to explore first:

  • Try a different agency, all agencies have different terms and conditions
  • Consider living in halls of residence where a deposit is rarely required
  • Discuss with the letting agency what other options are available if you do not have a guarantor

Still can’t find a guarantor?  Don’t Panic

In exceptional circumstances where a student is unable to find a guarantor, Cardiff University may act as guarantor in respect of rent payments for an assured short hold tenancy of up to £5000. 

Can I apply to the scheme?

Are you a:

  • Fully registered Cardiff University student who will be in attendance at University for the complete period of the tenancy (the scheme does not cover postgraduate writing up period).

and either

  • An undergraduate student in year 2 or later (current first year students can apply for the following academic year); OR,
  • A postgraduate student in year 2 of your course or later; OR,
  • A year 1 postgraduate who has studied their undergraduate course at Cardiff University

If you think you may be eligible you can find further information on the Cardiff University Guarantor Scheme including application forms to the scheme on the Intranet

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