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Volunteer as a Student Mentor – it’s a great experience!

The Student Mentor scheme is currently recruiting for 2017/2018.  Read three students experiences of being a mentor…

Photo: 2015/2016 Mentors at the celebration event

Students who volunteer as a Mentor recognise that they get to give something back to the uni, but that they also gain fantastic employability skills, take a look at what Kalika, Geoff and Annabel have to say.

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“This is my second year in the role of student mentor, and I’ve really had a great time. I applied to improve my own skills and pass down my experience to first years to help smooth their transition into university, but I’ve learnt so much more than I ever expected. Seeing my mentees gel as a group was fantastic, and learning how to tailor my advice to different individuals shows how engaging the scheme is for mentees and mentors. Something that used to annoy me was when lecturers would answer your questions with more questions – but since using the technique myself to encourage mentees to look for answers from different sources, I’ve come to appreciate its usefulness! The worksheets and materials I used from the bank of resources created by other students available on Learning Central inspired me to create more of my own resources in my second year of mentoring. Creating something that is useful for my mentees and other mentors as well is really fun, and doesn’t feel like work to me at all! The transferable skills are boundless, from reflecting on sessions in your mentor reports and learning to get over disappointment if things don’t go as planned, to pushing your creativity to keep mentees engaged and interested. “


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“Being a student mentor is a great experience, an amazing opportunity to gain some transferable skills and is a good thing to put on a CV” You’re probably going to hear a lot of great things when you hear about the Mentor scheme. Yes it is all true, but what is the mentor experience really like?

Being a Student Mentor is fun, my meetings with my Mentees are relaxed and we do have a laugh. We agreed to meet once a week and the meetings can be anywhere at any time. You do need to turn up to the meetings somewhat prepared, but that was easy! The training covered the sort of things to go through. My Mentees usually had questions or other things they wanted to talk about as well as the things I had planned. Halfway through the semester numbers at the meetings dropped for a bit and  I started wondering if I’d done something wrong, but THEY CAME BACK TO ME! So it has had its ups and downs, but it was definitely worth it! It’s not too much to fit around uni work and I’ve taken a lot from it so far. I would recommend doing the Mentor scheme to anyone.”


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“I thought the scheme would eat into my academic studying at first, but I found meetings were not strenuous, I was able to fit them in alongside the rest of my university life easily. It’s a great way to combine doing something for yourself with helping others, my CV looks a lot better now and I’ve found when applying for jobs, it’s a great thing to write about – the transferable skills you gain are priceless. Not only that, I made some really great friends along the way, Ann and Lisa are always helpful and supportive and you do not feel as though you’re managing a group of people on your own – their office door is always open. Through my involvement in the scheme over the last two years, I have built my confidence and communication skills, and receiving positive feedback from my mentees has been great. First year is a daunting time for any new student, and for me helping others has been nothing short of a brilliant experience.”


Watch our Mentors for more insight into the scheme

Do you have what it takes to be a mentor?

  • Read our blog “Become a Student Mentor”
  • Take a look at the job description for further information about the role and the skills required
  • Complete the online Application by Monday 27 February
  • Any questions? please email or
  • Pop along to our Q&A session on Thursday 16 February, 12:00 – 15:00, International Student Support Training Room, 3rd Floor, Students’ Union, for a free coffee and snack and opportunity to ask about the scheme and clarify any queries you may have.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best wishes
Ann, Student Mentor Scheme Manager

Ann Mc Manus

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