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Top 10 ideas for cheap valentine’s treats.

Kate, Student Intern shares 10 DIY valentines treats to share with loved ones without breaking the bank…

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Love is in the air, but for us students that doesn’t mean money magically appears from the air as well! So this blog is full of meaningful gifts for you’re loved ones that won’t break your bank at the same time…


Here’s my 10 cheap valentines treats to help save my fellow students from turning up empty handed on valentines day:


Jar of Love

This is a really simple idea that is all about love, love and more love. Soak a glass jam jar in hot water and peal off the label. And then fill the jar with small pieces of paper with all the reasons you love your special person. From your favourite memories with them or the small things that they might not even notice they do. This jar is also free to make (if you eat jam…) but is priceless.


Date night jar

Do you have the weekly struggle of what to do for date night or weekend plans? Look no further! This jar can be filled with coloured lollipop sticks, each different colour will represent three different price categories of your choice, for example free dates, dates under £10 and then expensive dates for when you and your bank account are feeling adventurous. On the lollipop sticks write the date ideas and then when you both get stuck for ideas of what to do reach into the jar and pick a lollipop stick of your colour choice and boom you have yourselves a date.


Mix tapes

Cue the cheesy ‘standing outside your window holding a boom box playing your favourite songs to you’ moment. This is a classic idea for your loved one, but also one that will be a lot of sentiment and meaning. You could even make each other Spotify playlists so they can listen to the mix tape on the go. This is a free gift but if picked correctly each song will hold memories and emotions that money couldn’t buy.


Letters to be opened when…

This gift may not be for them to open straight away but instead to be open when certain events happen. These letters may be for when the person needs a laugh or is upset, and you can write a letter to do that in case you aren’t available at the time. Other letters could be for anniversaries or valentines in future years. The letters are for you to choose and the amount of options are endless. Try and personal the cards by adding photos if you’re talking about memories or cards for specific occasions e.g. valentines. These letters will be treasured for ever by your loved ones.


Make a cake

Who doesn’t love cake? Am I right? If you are feeling creative and want to practice your Great British Bake Off skills then why not bake a cake for your valentines! You could even make a heart shaped red velvet cake to stick to the whole valentines theme. This is a cheap way to show your affection and also yummy!


Handmade card

Forget about buying a 99p card from the local shop, get your creative juices flowing and the glitter out. Whether you want to make a massive card with love hearts on and a cute hand drawn teddy bear or a card full of photos of your favourite memories together, this year add some extra love into the day by hand making them a card.


Breakfast in bed

Pop down to the shops and grab the essentials for a classic breakfast in bed. Whether that’s a vegan special of scrambled tofu on crumpets or a full English breakfast your valentines date will appreciate an extra lie in and waking up to the sweet smell of food being cooked for them.


Hand painted mug

Does your loved one live off caffeine like so many of the student population? Why not make them a hand painted mug so that every morning they wake up slowly using your valentines gift! Buy a plain mug and draw on it with a sharpie paint pen, let the sharpie dry completely then bake it in a hot over for 30-45 mins and you have yourself a personalised mug.  (These aren’t dishwasher friendly, so to those lucky students who have a dishwasher refrain from putting these mugs in them!)


Notebook for the future

Buy a cheap notebook and decorate it with pictures and glue. Then inside the first page explain that this notebook is for all the future memories that you spend together. This by the end of the year will be filled with the funny, mad, weird and wonderful moments you have spent together and next valentines you can sit and read through them all.


Personalise photo frame

Finally, one for all you photo fans. Buy a plain photo frame and decorate it to make it personal for you and your valentines. Then place your favourite photo in the frame and you have yourself a cheap and meaningful present that your valentines will see everyday.


And there we have it, 10 cheap valentines treats to save all you students from turning up empty handed on valentines day. Sometimes gifts with a lot of thought gone in to them mean the world to people no matter what the cost of them were. Have a lovely valentines day whether that is with friends, family or your loved one!


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