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The Cardiff Award is Changing …

You’ve probably seen that the Cardiff Award is recruiting for its new programme. Here Kathryn Foot, Cardiff Award Manager tells us more …

10.05.13Cardiff Award presentation evening at Cardiff City Hall

We have 500 spaces, meaning this will be our biggest intake ever.  This is hugely exciting, but it has meant we have needed to make some changes to ensure we maintain the quality.  We pride ourselves on our students’ ability to gain employment after completing the Award and this is something we want to keep, even with larger numbers!  
The Award is also student-led so some of the changes are a result of student feedback.  These changes will make the Award easier to fit in around some degree schemes, so more inclusive.
So what has actually changed?

Firstly …

We’ve reviewed our assessment processes.  In previous programmes, students had to complete a presentation.  Although we recognise the value of this, we are also aware that it puts off a huge number of students.  Therefore, we have taken the decision to remove this as an option.  For those students who want to compete a presentation, they will be encouraged undertake the Skills Development Services’ Communications Certificate.  To gain this they must complete a presentation and can use the Award as their topic.  The bonus here is Award participants will gain an additional industry recognised certificate and the activity also counts towards the Award!  To replace the presentation, Award students will be expected to produce a reflective account, that considers the skills developed and where that will take them in the future. Gaining a bit if career focus so early in your uni life can only be good thing surely?!

 We have changed the compulsory workshop structure. As a result of feedback we realised the current requirements are confusing (students must attend 6 Award specific sessions during term time) and students with lots of contact time often struggle to make them. So in its place will be an employability seminar. This day event (duration to be confirmed) is backed by industry (EY and Enterprise Rent a Car are developing content as I type!). All students attending will receive an additional certificate and it means the compulsory sessions will be over and done with in a day. Bonus! It makes the process easier to follow and to engage with. They will take place throughout the year on evenings and weekends. Even better, they will be delivered to large groups so you’ll get to know others on the Award. Who knows we may even follow the event with a social!
The new process is explained below. We are excited and we hope you are too. The Award truly is a valuable programme, proven to build skills, confidence and help those involved get the jobs they actually want.



Get your application in soon. Deadline is December 12th. Visit www.cardiff, for details on how to apply. 

To hear from students who have already completed the Award read our blog by Catherine Walters and Laura Pollock


Best wishes
Cardiff Award Manager, Careers & Employability


12.06.14Cardiff Award at Aberdare Hall

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