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The 4 week housing countdown

Siobhan from the Advice and Money Team lets students know everything they need to do before moving out, in the 4-week, ship-out, bond-back countdown!

Housing Advice

Wow, where has the time gone? I bet it feels like you only moved in a few weeks ago, but another academic year has flown by and already it’s nearly time to pack up and ship out.

Here is your 4-week countdown for a smooth end to your housing contract.


Counting down…

4 Weeks before

  • Talk to your housemates and find out when they are planning to move out – you don’t want to be the one left to do all the cleaning!
  • Cancel any TV or internet contracts that you have signed up to. You usually need to give at least 30 days’ notice to cancel – don’t end up paying for something you can’t use.
  • Check if there are extra rubbish collection dates and skip points for larger items. There are also plenty of charity shops that would be grateful for any items you no longer need.

1 Week before

  • Start packing and cleaning – leaving it until the last day when you may be suffering with a hangover may not be the best option!
  • Let people know your new address, especially student finance.
  • Review your Inventory from when you moved in. If there are any differences make sure you address them as any changes due to damage etc could be deducted from your deposit.

Moving out day

  • Take meter readings and don’t forget to submit them to your utilities supplier.
  • If you opened a house bank account, decide when and who is going to close the account. Also, don’t forget to cancel your direct debit to the house account! If there is any money left in the account what are you going to do with it?
  • Exchange contact details with all of your housemates, just in case something crops up. Don’t rely on Facebook/Twitter as you can easily be blocked.
  • Do a final check that everything is clean and tidy, with all bins, fridges and freezers emptied and put out.
  • That’s it! Hand your keys back and enjoy the sunny summer weather (hopefully it will be sunny).



Watch our video, ‘Blitz Your Bond Back’

Have you got a gap in your tenancy? Nowhere to go or store your things for a few weeks?

University Residences offer short-term lets over the summer period. This may be of use to you so that you haven’t got to take all your belongings on a 200-mile journey home, or if you have work commitments in Cardiff and need to stay in the city.


More information

Cardiff Digs to find out about getting it out for Cardiff and extra refuse collections.

Moving out check list to remind you what you have done and what you still need to do.


Come and see us in Advice & Money

Student Support Services at Cardiff University are here to help you, please drop in or contact us should you have any questions, Telephone: 02920 874844 Email:


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Best wishes,
Siobhan, Advice & Money Team.

Siobhan Williams


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