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Taking Action with Enactus

Kayson lets us in on everything you need to know about Enactus Cardiff

What is Enactus Cardiff?

To end poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change by 2030. These global goals stemmed from ENACTUS, an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Enactus Cardiff is one of 50 university teams in the UK, each stimulating student led, real life projects which generate economic advantages for members of the local and global communities.

What does Enactus Cardiff do?

This year alone, Enactus Cardiff has successfully empowered the lives of asylum seekers who are based in Cardiff, through developing skills related to starting up a business venture. From the module, the asylum seekers have learned on how to come up with and stress-test a social enterprise idea, understand how to conduct due diligence to explore the market, and the business assumptions shaping the idea.

Having carried out such a successful project, Enactus Cardiff has subsequently showcased this project during the annual Enactus National Competition, thus having established a strong reputation coming from Wales on a national platform. Moreover, we have successfully uplifted the society and is currently awarded as a silver tier society. In addition to that, our successes have also gained recognition from the Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Education.

The reason for our notable successes stemmed from having a strong support from both the Enactus organisation and from the advisers of Cardiff University. Every year, students have the opportunity to participate in various internal and national training programs in leadership and project management skills. Throughout the year, every member gets to build professional networks with representatives from KPMG, EY, Wilko, Rent-A-Car Enterprise and more. Above all, students will have the privilege of empowering the lives of those who are in need, thus taking entrepreneurial actions to create a better world for us all.

What have you gained from being part of Enactus?

From my involvement with the Enactus Society, I had the opportunity to work with students of different backgrounds. This has allowed me to not only understand the different cultures of my fellow comrades, but also to work together as a team and to learn on how to accommodate the shortfalls of others. I believe that teamwork is vital to ensure the success of an organisation, but one can only fully understand the essence of it from having participated in a group work.

From the social projects that was being carried out by the society, I had the opportunity to communicate with the asylum seekers in person. From there, I was able to gain some knowledge regarding their reasons from fleeing their home country, which mostly stems from either political instabilities or wars. Since then, I have realised the urgency to reach out voluntarily and immediately to those who are less fortunate, and to empower their lives with our best effort possible.

I am grateful to have joined Enactus and have learned some life-long lessons while at it, and I can personally say that Enactus has been one of the highlights of my time at Cardiff University.

Why should people get involved?

If you wish to develop a mind for business and a heart for the world, Enactus Cardiff is the best, most enjoyable and fulfilling society you could join!

Inspired? Get involved with Cardiff University Enterprise and Start-up!

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Best wishes,

Kayson, Cardiff ENACTUS

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