Stress Awareness

Managing chronic stress

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Your Student Life, Supported

Natalie, our Student Wellbeing Champion, gives some tips on managing stress… Stress can sometimes be a positive thing. When we are experiencing acute (or “on the spot”) stress which usually results from a new, unpredictable situation that could potentially be a threat to us or our ego, our body releases adrenaline. This not only enhances our performance but
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What happened on NSA Day and our 7 tops tips to help you relieve and prevent stress

Posted on 9 November 2015 by Your Student Life, Supported

Annie, Student Intern for the Counselling Health and Wellbeing team tells us more about what happened on National Stress Awareness day, and how to effectively prevent and relieve stress… So Wednesday 4th November saw the return of National Stress Awareness Day, a day devoted to raising awareness about stress, the symptoms, and the strategies to relieve
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