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Six steps to help you get the most from Career Central online

Phoebe our Student Intern, provides a step by step guide on how to get the most out of Careers & Employability’s useful online resource, Career Central…

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Are you a first year, second year, or just about to graduate? Whether you are struggling to improve your CV or need advice on knowing what opportunities are available to you after university, Career Central is a great online resource that is there to help all Cardiff University students. The Careers & Employability team have worked alongside each degree discipline to provide you with a wealth of information. So… how do you get started?

Step 1: Go to the web and type in – you will have to type in your Cardiff University username and password to access the homepage. Alternatively you’ll find Career Central in Applications on the University Intranet.

Step 2: Click on our Advice A-Z section to explore everything to do with your career choice. Topics include: CVs, assessment centres, postgraduate options, work experience, application forms and so much more.

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Step 3: If you’re interested in a career related to your degree, check out our Degree Subjects section. This will help you figure out what you can do with your degree, the sorts of jobs available to you, as well as what employability skills you’ll need. You’ll also find a list of helpful texts and website links to further help you when deciding upon your career.
For example: What can I do with a Degree in English Literature, English Language Studies & Communication?
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Step 4: If you have a specific idea of what sort of career you would like to embark upon, go to our Career Areas A-Z Section. In the left hand side margin there are links to a number of job sectors. Pick yours and start planning your career!

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For example, if you are interested in Psychology & Counselling…

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Step 5: Ever thought about working abroad? The Work Abroad section has a range of useful links about working in a selection of countries. For example: Do you fancy visiting and working in Asia?

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Maybe China? Whatever country you may be interested in working in, Careers Central has information on the types of jobs/ work available, where best to study, as well as what government websites you may need when you’re out there.

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Step 6: Finally, check out our Resources section where you can find a tonne of online booklets about how to kick start your career.

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We also have downloadable Careers & Employability booklets on topics previously discussed in the advice section, such as: CVs, covering letters, application forms, tips for job hunting, information for international students etc. The majority of these booklets are available in both English & Welsh.

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So that’s about it! Hopefully this has given you an insight into the huge amount of advice & resource there is available to all students on Careers Central. Additionally, you can talk to a Careers Adviser about any aspect of your career planning, from 1st year onwards. We offer advice, guidance and information, workshops, work experience and employer events.


Careers & Employability are here to support you throughout Your Career Journey, providing the services and events to help you with:

Exploring your Future – Know yourself,  identify your strengths, explore your options by:

Building your Skills – Develop yourself, take opportunities, reflect & focus by:

Making it Happen  – Know the process, take action, achieve your ambition by:


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