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Remember to reapply for funding for 2017/2018!

The Advice and Money Team talks us through reapplying for funding …

A&M funding

Are you in your first, second or penultimate year of study?
Do you get student funding now?
Would you like it again next year?
Did you know that you need to reapply for funding each academic year?

In the talks we, the Advice and Money Team, give to Cardiff University applicants and their parents, on average, 53% of them don’t know that you need to reapply for funding each year of your course. The good news is that the process is simpler and more-streamlined after the first year.

Funding bodies should open their application process for continuing students very soon so keep on top of this and make sure you apply for continued funding as soon as possible. If you want to get an idea of the funding you may receive, you need to go to your funding body’s website and look for information on funding as a ‘Continuing Student’ – the term Continuing is used to differentiate you from a New Applicant.

If you are funded by Student Finance Wales or Student Finance England

You will shortly get an e-mail advising you to reapply for funding for next academic year online. Remember that you reapply to the funding body that funded you last academic year.

So if you applied to Student Finance Wales (SFW) you apply to them again. Or if you applied to Student Finance England you need to continue to apply to them.

There are deadlines given for applications (see your funding body website once they open their application process). Please reapply in time so that your funding is paid to you within 3-5 working days after your enrol into your next academic year.

Most applicants will apply online, but if you do complete a paper form, make sure it’s the right one. For continuing students from England or Wales, the form is a PR1 (R for returning), as opposed to a PN1 which is for New Applicants (You can remember N for new). For either online or paper forms, you will need your Customer Reference Number to hand.

You can actually apply for funding up to 9 months into each year of your course, but by applying before the deadlines given by your funding body means that your funding should be in place for when you return in September. This is particularly important if you are means-tested, which means you or your parents’ household income needs to be assessed.

It’s important that your funding body has up to date contact details for you, so if you have moved or your family has moved, or if you have changed mobile or email address, it would be wise to check your online account otherwise you can give them a call to make sure they have the correct details on their systems.

If you are funded by Student Finance Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland

You will be contacted automatically via email with a reminder to re-apply.

If you have not heard anything by the end of March, it may be worth getting in touch with your funding body.

 If you are funded as a continuing EU student

You will be sent a form to your home address to reapply for Tuition Fee support. This is a much shorter form than you had to complete for your first year. If you haven’t heard from them by June 2017, you can download the form from Student Finance Wales website.

If you are funded by the NHS

If you are a continuing NHS funded student, or a Medicine or Dental Surgery student going into the 5th Year of your course in 2017/18, you will get a reminder about applying for funding for the next year of your course.  This should include advice about how to apply and whether this should be done online or via a paper application.  If you are a Medicine or Dental Surgery student and you lived in Wales prior to the course you apply via NHS SAS (Wales) or if you lived in England prior to your course you apply via NHS Business Services Authority (England).  All other healthcare students apply via NHS SAS (Wales)


And finally…’s not too late to apply for funding for 2016/17!

If you are a current student and have chosen not to apply for either the Tuition Fee Loan or Grants (where applicable) or Maintenance Loan and Grant, it’s not too late to apply for this current year, 2016/17. You have 9 months from the start of your course to put in an application, which means you can apply until 31st May 2017! This also includes EU students, who are entitled to Tuition Fee support in the form of a loan and grant.

As ever, if you would like any advice about funding, welfare or academic issues, come and see the Advice and Money Team at the Student Support Centres at both Park Place and the Heath campus.


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