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Protect your eggs this Easter: Keeping your student digs secure

Victoria, Student Intern, shares some top tips on keeping your student digs secure this Easter…


Student homes can be targeted during the holidays, so make sure not to leave burglars an Easter trail right into your home – you could lose more than just chocolate eggs! That’s if of course, you’ve exercised extreme self-control and not gobbled them already. If so, I applaud you – mine were snaffled in record time (and it’s not even Easter yet).

To keep your house as secure as possible, discuss with your housemates when everyone is heading home and make sure the last person leaving does the last-to-leave checklist.

Here are some other top tips to keep your student digs eggcellently safe, secure and budget-friendly.


Top tips for a secure home this Easter (an egg of information from South Wales Police)

  1. Lock doors, windows and garden gates. If you’re staying in Cardiff this Easter, lock your door even if it automatically locks, as it’s easier to force an automatic lock than if you’ve locked it securely using your key.
  2. Take valuables home. If you’re staying this Easter, try and keep valuables out of sight in your (locked) bedroom.
  3. If you have to leave valuables or are staying for Easter, make sure they are hidden and registered with immobilise crime. You can register your valuables for free with the national property database immobilise which makes it easier to reunite stolen goods with their original owners.
  4. Use timer light switches. Some of these may be a little tricky to install, so you could ask your landlord, or buy a timer plug to use with a lamp.
  5. Don’t leave expensive items on display.
  6. Remove obvious signs that it’s a student home. Things like posters and stickers may make your house a target for thieves specifically looking for student houses.
  7. Clear gardens of items that could be used to force entry. Move plant pots, ladders, bricks, ornaments or anything else that could be used to break in, or store them inside the house.
  8. Make sure no keys are left under doormats or plant pots. You may think that having a key there is super handy, but this is the number one no-no.
  9. Ask a friend or neighbour (if you know them well) to keep an eye and to push through any mail hanging from the letter box.
  10. Be cautious about who you tell that you and your housemates are all home for Easter.



Top tips for a budget-friendly home

  1. Make sure to turn all plugs of at the socket when you leave. Things like a TV left on standby can really run up your energy bill.
  2. Make sure taps and showers aren’t left dripping, as this could run up your water bill.
  3. Make sure all gas hobs are switched off. This is extremely dangerous as well as expensive! It may seem obvious but I know people who have done this in the past.
  4. Make sure to alter your central heating settings before leaving.
  5. Get your bins out on the right day. Even though you may be leaving on the Friday and bin day isn’t until next Wednesday, it’s important that you put your bins out on the right day. Cardiff Council can fine you up to £100 for putting even a single bin bag out on the day. I speak from experience.


The last-one-to-leave Checklist

  1. Nothing left in the fridge.
  2. Bins put out on the right day.
  3. All plugs turned off at the socket (apart from fridge/freezer).
  4. No gas hobs left on.
  5. Heating settings altered.
  6. Taps and showers turned off properly.
  7. Light timer set.
  8. All valuables taken home or locked away.
  9. All doors and windows locked, including bedroom doors if possible.

For further advice take a look at Cardiff Digs for the latest home safety guidance.


Staying here over Easter?

If you’re staying in Cardiff over the Easter break, check our blog page for posts about things to do in the Easter break. Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for even more. The Student Support Centres will be open during Easter so please contact them if you need anything at all. The Student Support Centres are located at 50 Park Place, Cathays Campus and Cardigan House, Heath Park Campus.


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Have a Lovely Easter Everyone!


Best wishes

Victoria, Student Intern.


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