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My experience at Delio…What it’s like to work at a Fintech start-up!!

I was first drawn to Delio at the ‘Integrated Placement Programme Speed Network Event’ in March, 2018. As a first year Business Management student, I was keen to gain some real-life working experience whilst studying my degree but, I didn’t really want to leave Cardiff for a whole year! The placement semester suited my needs perfectly and it was at this event where I met some of the Delio team.

During the networking event, we were only allocated 5 minutes per company, however, in this short period of time, Delio really made an impression and I knew this was the company I wanted to work for! Having recently been voted as one of TechNation’s ‘One to Watch’, alongside the recognition it received from Cardiff Business School for developing future talent, I knew Delio would offer an exciting placement experience. Being a relatively new Start-Up, the rate of Delio’s growth and what they had already achieved is another reason why I applied for a placement with them. I wanted to be involved in a close-knit, smaller firm, where I would feel that my opinion truly mattered and I would gain exposure to a number of different departments without the limitation of my specific placement role.

With this knowledge, Delio was definitely my top choice institution. This decision was solidified when I spoke to Jon, Delio’s Head of Delivery and Infrastructure, and their previous placement student. Once I learned about the relaxed office culture, employee benefits and real consideration for their placement students I decided to apply and luckily, I was successful!

What is it like working at Delio?

Immediately I felt at ease in the Delio office. The team were extremely welcoming and the office dog, Bess, definitely was a welcomed bonus! It was obvious how passionate the Delio team were about the company with many of the employees having been involved in the initial development of Delio, from idea to product. In my opinion, Delio offers the flexibility, inclusion and involvement not available at large firms. I was challenged with a range of tasks which varied from designing marketing material and banners for large events all the way to drafting sales propositions for potential clients. The smaller size of the firm meant that my ‘voice’ was not lost and I gained exposure to a range of different departments, for example, sales, product development and marketing. What I loved about Delio was that my opinion was valued and respected, it was extremely rewarding to see my work being used. My fears of being seen as only a student were diminished immediately and I really felt like I made an impact on my placement. Delio has provided me with invaluable ‘on-the job’ work experience. I have had insight into a fast growing, relatively new industry that, prior to my placement, I had little knowledge of. Delio has also supported me in my transition to working life, I have felt my confidence grow and my ability to juggle tasks and meet deadlines vastly improve. Going forward, the confidence, formulation of opinions and proposals, development of content and time management skills I have developed will be beneficial in many challenges I encounter, both with regards to my degree and also my future career. The friendliness of the team has also taught me the sort of environment, company and management I want to work for in the future – if they are anything like Delio I would be extremely happy!

Why is this all Relevant?

If you are wondering why this is all relevant, Delio have recently developed a Graduate Rotation Scheme which offers graduates a full-time, 18 month training programme before developing into a long-term position. The programme offers an initial induction period where graduates are taught about Delio and what Delio does. There will then be a 3 x 4 month rotation period in a number of different sectors including, sales, product management, support and testing. Delio’s graduate programme also potentially offers additional career and personal development opportunities; including leading Strategic Projects, secondments with Delio’s clients/partners and an international placement in one of Delio’s global offices.

Hear what a previous Delio Graduate thought…

‘I came across Delio through CARBS’ graduate email opportunities. Working at Delio as a graduate has been an amazing experience. From working alongside the CEO and learning about the industry, through to learning about technology and how it’s essentially made. Delio taught it all! I was always the sort of person who liked a challenge and Delio never failed to put me out of my comfort zone. This was the best way for me to learn. The tasks and roles I was given made me feel like I had a lot of responsibility and I was actually making a difference. I don’t believe that my work would have been noticed and appreciated as much in a big corporation. The graduate rotation programme is a fantastic way of actually finding out what you are good at and what you like. After graduating I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. I knew which industry I wanted to be in but that was pretty much it. I have always liked to try new tasks and see how well or not I performed in them. This was what the graduate programme at Delio allowed me to do. I was exposed to every part of the business from sales to marketing to regulations and to tech and development. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of how the business worked as a whole but also, I found out what areas I thrived in the most. The benefit of the graduate scheme is that you get to experience a whole range of different roles within the business. If you are someone who likes a fast-paced environment then I would highly recommend joining Delio, which offers a fantastic opportunity for any enthusiastic and dedicated young individual looking to get a head start on their career.’

– Bhumi Ladva, Cardiff University Graduate

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to to find out what Delio looks for, their employee benefits and the roles they currently are recruiting for!

Best Wishes, Caitlin  – Cardiff University, Second Year, Business Management with Integrated Placement Student – Delio


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