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Moving in to your new student pad? 4 things you need to do

Inventories, taking pictures, meter readings Why? What? When? Siobhan from our Advice & Money team tells us more…


Yes it’s moving in day. How did that come around so quickly? You may not have unpacked the car yet, but already be thinking about organising a little get together with your friends. First things first let’s get the business side of things out of the way.


In my experience, these are the 4 most important things you need to do on moving in day.

1. Complete an Inventory

You will be given an inventory to complete when you move in. (what’s an inventory I hear you cry) an inventory is a document the landlord/letting agent will give you to detail all the furniture and fittings in the property and also the condition of the property.  If you do not agree with what is written in the inventory then DON’T sign it.

The inventory says living room carpet in excellent condition, in reality the living room carpet has two iron burn marks next to the kitchen door. Make this amendment to the inventory.  If there are other things you don’t agree with make the amendments and only sign it if you are happy and agree with what has been written.

The landlord/letting agent will use this to compare the condition of the property when you moved in and when you moved out. Don’t pay for someone else’s damage.


2. Take pictures

Photograph every room on moving in day.  Take pictures of any damage, conditions of things and also the rooms even if there isn’t a problem with that room.  You may need to use these pictures as evidence further on down the line.  This isn’t the norm, but it does happen.  Be prepared

If there is damage to a door for example that isn’t mentioned in the inventory, take pictures and include these with the inventory.


3. Take Meter readings

Take a note of your meter readings and notify the energy companies.  Don’t for get to do this as you don’t want to be paying for someone else’s usage.


4. Set up bills, services, house accounts

Hopefully before moving in you discussed what utilities you wanted and how you are going to pay for these services.  It’s important to ensure all house mates names are on the bills so that every one of you is liable for the cost.


Further information

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving in that sometimes the important things get forgotten.

  • Take a look at even more information and a check list in our Moving in section on the Intranet.
  • Shelter has more detailed information on inventories, view their video, and get it right first time.
  • If you aren’t sure who your electricity supplier is western power have a search facility on their website.


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Enjoy your time in your new home!


Best wishes
Siobhan, Advice & Money Team

Siobhan Williams

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