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Meet the Wellbeing Champions!

Tsvetina, Placement Student, tells us more about  Student Wellbeing Champions…

Would you like the opportunity to talk about your health and wellbeing with a fellow student who’s trained to help?

Have you ever talked about mental health and wellbeing with a friendly student wearing a blue t-shirt? You have definitely missed out on a lovely experience of being listened to and cared for if you haven’t!


The students wearing blue are the Wellbeing Champions, and they are volunteers who promote health and wellbeing amongst their peers – other students on campus! They have received a tailored training programme, enabling them to offer helpful tips and resources, whilst also encouraging students to self-care.


Who are the Wellbeing Champions and how can they help me?

Wellbeing Champions are student volunteers who promote health and wellbeing amongst students. They attend many different events across campus, most of which involve opening discussions about physical and mental health and how students are dealing with their daily University stressors. Most of the events happen in individual Schools, in the Students’ Union, or in other popular spots on campus.


Come and meet the Wellbeing Champions this November!

Some of the events coming up in November are:

Journalism Hotspot on 17th November

Transgender Awareness Hotspot on 17th November

Men’s Health and Suicide Awareness Event on 18th November.


If you haven’t had the chance to meet any of our friendly volunteers, you can read more about individual members of the team in this new series of blogs


Meet the Champions!

Today we’d like to introduce you to the lovely Josie, one of our team of over 30 Student Wellbeing Champions, who has written a short piece about herself and her motivations for becoming a Wellbeing Champion…


I’m Josie, I have been a Wellbeing Champion for over a year now and it has been a great experience. I joined the Wellbeing Champion team because I wanted to help fellow university students in issues relating to mental health, and general wellbeing.

Since I started being a champion, I have found that people in my daily life actually have a lot of questions on how to look after their wellbeing, and stay well and positive whilst being at university.

I used to be part of the Rugby and Football teams at Cardiff University, and that is where a lot of my initial stress relating to university came from. The divide between Freshers and elders, and the pressure to make the team were all salient factors, but I have since learnt that everyone feels the same, and if we simply opened up this avenue of discourse, we all might naturally reach slightly higher levels of personal health and wellbeing.

Looking after your mental health is as important as looking after your physical health. So if you are ever around one of the Wellbeing MOT’s or hotspots, then come down and say ‘Hi’ to the Wellbeing Champions at work, we are all more than happy to help!


We hope you have enjoyed this blog and please look out for the next in our ‘Meet the Champions’ series, where we will be introducing you to other members of the Wellbeing Champion Team!


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Best wishes,

Tsvetina, Placement Student,
Counselling and Wellbeing Team


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