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Juliette’s insight into JP Morgan’s Business Challenge

Juliette, our Marketing Intern, shares her experience at JP Morgan’s Business Challenge …



I applied to the JP Morgan Business challenge event in Bournemouth after I received an email from Jane McElroy (the Business School Careers Adviser)  informing us of the opportunity. I had never considered operations as a career before as I was convinced you needed an engineering type background. However, I knew this would be a chance for me to not only gain an insight into operations but also the company itself.

The application process involved me uploading my CV and once I had been accepted, I simply booked my transport and turned up on the day!


Introducing JP Morgan

The event began with a current employee talking about her 15 years experience at JP Morgan, the perks of working for the organisation and a small summary about what operations is about within JP Morgan.  This gave me a really good overview and an insight into what it would be like to work at JP Morgan.   I was impressed by the professional environment, that the women who worked there had done so for a long time and appeared to really enjoy their roles and the people they worked with.  This definitely felt like somewhereI’d like to work.


Business challenge

  • Challenge 1- Our first challenge was to think of an idea that frustrates you e.g. the waiting time during airport security. We then had to work as a team to find a solution. Creativity was key in this challenge as we each had to think of an idea and evaluate each other’s ideas.


  • Challenge 2- This mainly tested our communication skills as we had to find out bits of information from other teams in order to complete our puzzle. We therefore had to persuade other team members to swap their answers for some of ours. This demonstrated that communication is an important skill to acquire within the operations department as it is needed to build strong relationships with other departments in order to solve problems more efficiently.


  • Challenge 3- This involved real life operations problems to see how you would answer them. For example, we were given a booklet which contained the stages of a technical problem. We then had to analyse each different scenario and pick a solution from a list based on what we thought would solve that issue. This helped us gain an idea of what skills are needed for a role in operations as well as testing our analytical and decision-making skills.


What I learnt

  • Whilst taking part in the business challenge, I learnt some valuable team working skills, that I will be able to apply to another scenario in an assessment centre.
  • I learnt that it was important to shine without being overpowering. This means including other members of the team and working together to come up with solutions.
  • I think it is also important to be confident and creative as this will help you stand out against other candidates.


How to succeed in applications

  • Interviews are about demonstrating your enthusiasm and passion for the role within the company and demonstrating to the employer how your skills and competences will benefit their organisation.
  • The best piece of advice I was given was to always ask questions at the end of the interview as this shows the employer that you are interested in their company and have done research.
  • We were also encouraged to answer interview questions using the STAR method.


Networking event

  • I really enjoyed the networking event as it was a chance to meet top industry leaders who were experienced in their field. They had great advice to help us succeed with applications but also within JP Morgan.
  • It was also interesting to see how passionate employees were about their job and the different types of roles they have been involved in since they joined.
  • Before I attended the event, I had previously watched Aimee Bateman’s video on how to network successfully and I think this helped me be confident with my questions.


Overall, it was a great experience and I think this will enable me to show my interest and passion when I apply for roles within JP Morgan.


Best wishes

Juliette Jensen

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