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Join us in supporting Trans Day of Visibility

Tamzin, Student Wellbeing Champion, tells us more about Trans Day of Visibility and how you can show your support for the transgender community.

Saturday 31 March is Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV), part of the LGBT+ awareness days. TDOV is an opportunity to celebrate diversity and show your encouragement and support for trans rights and the trans community. The day itself aims to make people more aware of the accomplishments of trans people all over the world, and to fight prejudice and transphobia by spreading awareness and understanding. This is a day to feel empowered and to give the trans community the recognition it deserves!

Visibility is not about being seen as an individual, it’s working together to transform society.


Transgender Day of Visibility is so important today. This year’s theme is Surviving and Thriving and highlights transgender achievements. Not only are transgender people surviving under Trump, but they are striving to change the way people think about gender all around the world. Speak out, take direct action and educate others. These actions are important to the safety and wellbeing of the trans community. Visibility is important but is not enough to bring about liberation, action must be taken against transphobia in order to achieve this.

“In the increasingly transphobic global political climate, we must use our newfound visibility to mobilise trans people against oppression.”

How you can show your support

In support you can:

  • Tell people when they say something transphobic or cissexist
  • Learn trans terminology
  • Recognise the intersections between transness and other identities (like race)
  • Know the differences between gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, emotional attraction and sexuality
  • Learn about trans history

You can also join the movement on Facebook here and use the hashtags #TransVisibility #TransResistance #TDOV #MoreThanVisibility

Support to transition

Cardiff University can offer specific support for trans students who wish to transition whilst at Uni.  The University has supported a number of students who have transitioned and there are procedures in place to try to make things as easy as possible.
The best place to start is to take a look at the Policy and Procedures for supporting gender reassignment and equality for trans students and staff (which can also be found on the student intranet – search for Gender Identity).


The University operates a Zero Tolerance policy on Transphobia

This means that transphobic abuse, harassment or bullying (including name-calling / derogatory jokes) will be dealt with under the Dignity at Work and Study Policy, as a disciplinary offence.
To ‘out’ someone without their permission is a form of harassment and, possibly, a criminal offence, and will be treated by the University as such.
If you have suffered transphobic abuse, or any kind of hate crime, the South Wales Victim Focus Team is available on the last Tuesday of every month in the Student Support Centre (50 Park Place), between 17:30-19:30, offering bookable appointments to provide support and advice, and to empower people to report hate crimes.
If you have suffered transphobic abuse, or been a victim of any form of Hate Crime, then you can access this free service to gain support, or to report an incident. This can also be a helpful means of support if you do not wish to inform the police.
Advice and support for students experiencing harassment, bullying or discrimination as a result of their trans status is also available at the Student Support at 50 Park Place, and also from the University’s Equality and Diversity Manager.


Emotional and Practical Support is available

The University’s Counselling, Health and Wellbeing Service is available to provide support for LGBT+ students.


If you are experiencing any kind of emotional distress, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  We can offer support to anybody experiencing any sort of difficulty, however big or small, be it related to being trans or LGB+, gender identity, transitioning at University, or something else entirely.

We offer bookable appointments via our online referral questionnaire, as well as a daily Drop-In Service called ‘Wellbeing Walk-In’, between 15:00-15:45, Monday–Friday and on Wednesday mornings between 09:30-10:15 at the Student Support Centre at 50 Park Place.

All of our staff will listen, without judgement, and offer support in a safe, confidential space.


Wellbeing Champions

wellbeing champs

If talking to a member of staff is something you are not sure about, why not chat to one of our Student Wellbeing Champions. They are trained student volunteers who can signpost you to support, offer you a ‘Peer Ear’ and give you basic health and wellbeing advice.

Find out more here


Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge is an LGBT+ Support Organisation which offers free and confidential support to anybody experiencing or affected by domestic abuse who identifies as LGBT+. The Rainbow Bridge Team is available to Cardiff Uni students at the Student Support centre (50 Park Place) on the last Tuesday of every month, between 17:30-19:30. The team can provide emotional support, practical support, advice and information.

Book a slot here

Or call 0300 3031 982 or email to find out more.


CU Pride

The LGBT+ Society, CU Pride, and the elected Student LGBT+ Officers are also here to provide advice and support.  CU Pride welcomes everyone, regardless of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation. To join their mailing list anonymously, please send an email to

For any additional help, advice about university policies regarding LGBT+ issues, or for information regarding upcoming campaigns please visit the association facebook page or contact one of the current LGBT+ Officers


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Best wishes,

Tamzin, Wellbeing Champion.

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