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My afternoon with the Daily Mail’s Political Editor

Competition winner Madeleine Banfield shares some insights from her experiences of the Careers & Employability Creative Industry Day …

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I was one of four Cardiff University students who won the opportunity to have afternoon tea with Andrew Pierce. Firstly, I attended the career service High Profile Guest Lecture in which he spoke about his professional career, layered with funny anecdotes and insightful advice on how to get started in the business.

Our afternoon tea was located in the Park Plaza, and as we arrived we were provided with tea, coffee and a beautiful array of sandwiches and cakes. I usually watch Andrew on Sky News or read his articles in the Daily Mail, but it was really interesting to spend some time with him in person. After this we had a Creative Industries panel which had industry leaders from journalism, TV, Advertising, PR, an author, the Arts and the music industry.


Andrew’s Insights

Throughout the day Andrew gave us information on what we should be doing (getting published!), encouraged us to start writing blogs and made sure that we knew that one of the most important attributes of a journalist is their ability to pester everyone. It was invaluable information about the journey towards London and the big newspaper names, and it was motivating to hear it all from someone who had been in the middle of it for thirty years.

We all came armed with a questions, and the conversation flowed accordingly. It is hard to have an awkward moment when someone has had such a colourful career, and knows everything there is to know about anyone. One piece of handy advice was that we needed to have opinions on everything if we were going to make it in this business.

One of the most interesting things we discussed, apart from the Westminster gossip, was his take on the technological revolution. In the mind of the aspiring journalist who has aspired to see their name in print, the future of the newspaper within the digital age can be observed as unstable. However, Andrew assured us that this was something that was said years ago, and that people love the physical newspaper experience, which is why they continue to exist today.

Additionally, Andrew is involved in the radio and television, which shows that the individual journalist is no longer confined to one type of media but, instead, can have the opportunity to branch out within the sector. This level of diversity is extremely inviting in the fast-paced society we live in today. He stressed that although it is competitive, there are a huge amount of opportunities for people wanting to get into journalism, and one of the most overlooked places is regional news.

He provided us with incredible insights into the life of a journalist, and his daily antics. It was an extremely interesting experience and very rewarding in the knowledge that I have gained. His persistent advice was to write, and to continue to write even when you are rejected.


Top Tips

  • Get published
  • Be persistent
  • Have an opinion (on everything!)
  • Don’t overlook regional news
  • Utilise the services Careers & Employability provide; they regularly have bespoke industry days and competitions which are invaluable for your network, widening your experience and getting you focussed ready for graduation.


Let the Careers & Employability team help you 

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Best wishes,
Madeleine Banfield

3rd year English Literature Student / Cardiff Award Student

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