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Improve your work and confidence – attend Academic Study Skills Classes

The Academic Study Skills team are here to help all undergraduates get the most out of their time at university, to help to improve your grades and get a Cardiff University Certificate!  Ann Mc Manus tells us more …


When we study at University we are expected to study in ways which may be different to how we have studied previously.  We offer free Academic Study Skills Classes to all undergraduates in the University!

What can I expect?

Students across all year groups and disciplines, interacting in a positive environment where you can share good ideas, compare different approaches and take a proactive role in your learning.  These are classes rather than lectures where you will be expected to complete a range of tasks independently, in pairs or in small groups. The sessions tend to focus on problem solving and are student responsive with input and feedback from students being valued.

This semester we are offering masterclasses in :
• Essay Writing
• Critical Thinking
• Revision & Exam Strategies


What classes are available to me and where?

See the Timetables on the Intranet to see what’s on, when and to make a booking – you will need your username and password.

Classes are run in our training room at 37 Park Place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Spaces are limited to ensure students can get the most out of the sessions so you must book up in advance


What is expected from me?

All the classes are designed to be interactive and students will be expected to work in small groups to discuss topics and complete exercises.

How do I sign up?

Enrolling for a class is easy. Classes do tend to fill up quickly so make sure you get the class you want by booking today! If you can’t attend a class please email us 24 hours in advance so that we can release your place to a student who is on our waiting list. (Students who fail to attend two classes will be removed from their subsequent bookings so that other students may be given a chance to attend).

 A student perspective on Study  Skills Class – ‘What I particularly liked about the classes was that they were very interactive’ …

“I first heard about these classes during a conversation with my dad who really encouraged me to get involved with a lot of extracurricular activities outside my course, and having attended all the academic and presentational skills classes available, I can say they have been brilliant and a great help. Some of the classes were in Heath campus, which was different for me as I’m usually based in Cathays, but it was good to have lessons in a variety of different settings, although I did get lost a couple of times on the way there!  What I particularly liked about the classes was that they were very interactive. I didn’t just sit there taking notes all session. It was very engaging as I got involved in class discussions and worked with other students in small groups to bring together ideas, which were then put forward to the rest of the class and that helped me to absorb the information. At the end of each session, I was given a handout so I could always go over the information given to me at a later date. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone. I’ve made some lifelong friends from attending the sessions, and the skills learnt from them are a huge benefit to me, in which I can continue to use in my future career.” Mavis Loterh, Pharmacy.


What have I got to lose?

Absolutely nothing! The skills you learn from the classes are genuine transferable skills which will directly assist you in your degree and the environment is quite relaxed with students from across all three colleges participating and interacting! It’s a great way to meet students from other disciplines, learn new skills and gain a Cardiff University Certificate.

Also, see the Careers & Employability Fairs and Events for further support.

What’s on listings and updates are shared on social media so stay in touch by following @cardiffcareers on twitter and liking the /cardiffunicareers facebook page.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Best wishes
Ann Mc Manus

The Academic Skills and Mentoring Team – Helping you make the grade!
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Ann Mc Manus

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