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HSBC’s internships and graduate opportunities. Are they for you?

HSBC visited Cardiff University to talk more about internships and graduate opportunities, Liam Havard, Student Intern, tells us more ...



The HSBC presentation was organised by Careers & Employability as part of Internship Bootcamp and proved popular with around 30-35 students attending it.


Help was at hand when this globally established bank came to offer students advice on HSBC’s application process for internships and graduate opportunities.


What’s up for grabs?


  • Summer Internships

These internships last for eight weeks, giving you a lot of experience first-hand on what goes on in a HSBC team. There are two types:

  1. First Year Summer Internships (for students graduating in 2017). This is a rotational eight week internship. During this placement, you gain an insight into retail banking and wealth management, but also commercial banking, trying each type of banking for a period of four weeks each
  2. Penultimate Year Summer Internships (for students graduating in 2016)

This summer internship is also eight weeks long, but differs from the internship mentioned above. This one is specifically in retail banking and wealth management, not commercial banking. You might be invited to do this internship should you perform well in your first year placement, however can apply for this even if you do not complete the above placement.


  • Graduate Programmes

RBWM Graduate Programme (for students graduating in 2015)

This is a two year rotational programme. During this programme you will be immersed into retail banking and wealth management and may find yourself in branch networks, contact centres and support centres.

For more information, why not check out this link that has HSBC’s frequently asked questions? If you think these schemes and placements are for you, follow this link.



HSBC’s Graduate Application Process


This presentation was a great insight into how HSBC selects their candidates. Expect to be faced with an application form, before an online assessment, telephone interview, face to face interview, and finally, the daunting assessment centre (which is not as scary as you might think according to one of HSBC’s employees). This is the standard process for most companies which are recruiting interns and graduates.

All applicants from any degree discipline are accepted, but a real interest in customer service, banking and finance is a must.



Standing out from the Crowd – Top Tips from HSBC


With the market being so competitive, how can you prove yourself to HSBC?


  1. Be business aware. Throughout the application process, prove to the company that you know who they are, and what big things are happening to them in the market. Check out their competitors; think about how the company is performing today and what news they have released. Be commercially aware.
  2. During all your interviews, take a few seconds to formulate your answer to a question. There is no need to rush. In fact, HSBC prefers you to take this time to ensure you give a well thought out answer. Every second counts. A good tip from one of the speakers is to either bring some water with you, or ask for a glass, and have sips throughout the interview. In the time that you take a sip, you are giving yourself a few seconds to come up with an answer.
  3. During the telephone interview, have notes out. These notes might include times you performed well, evidence of your skills, your different work experiences, your extracurricular activity and more. These will help you to prepare answers to questions and keep what you are saying logical and coherent. One of the presenters from HSBC said that she had TWELVE sheets of notes out during her HSBC telephone interview.
  4. On the assessment day, make sure to interact with everyone there, including the other applicants. It is one of the “most nerve wracking days” one of the speakers said, but really, the day is about showing HSBC who you are and how you can relate to other people. Be confident and show them what you are made of.
  5. Make sure that all your answers are unique to yourself. Relate answers to your thoughts, your ideas, and your experiences. If you do not do this, it can weaken your application.


Although there are a few obstacles to accomplish to achieve one of HSBC’s internships and graduate schemes, anyone can do it as this informative session proved.


Are you going to apply for one of HSBC’s placements?


With thank to HSBC, its staff who delivered this session, and Cardiff University Careers and Employability department.


Best wishes
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