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Christmas Survival Guide Part 5 – The mobile apps you need this holiday

Having to spend the Christmas holidays at university can be hard, especially if you are usually at home with family. Our 6 part Christmas Survival Guide should help you ensure it’s a time filled with fun, love and support…



The holidays are usually at time for fun and festivities, however it is also a time where finances can become particularly strained, and a lot of us seem to find ourselves drinking more than we normally would. The penultimate part to our survival guide advises you on what apps to download in order to manage your money over the holidays, as well as how to control and monitor how much you are drinking.


Top apps for controlling your finances


One of the easiest ways to save money is to make sure you are budgeting. This can be easily done by downloading some of the apps that are available to download for free. So why not try downloading…


Level Money – IOS, Android

This app is particularly useful because it syncs with your bank account in order to show you how much money you can afford to spend in one day, week or month. It is also able to create trackers for the things you might be spending too much money on, for example if you find yourself buying too many festive costa coffees, (something I am guilty of) this app will flag it up . This app is good if you have more than one bank account. If you link the app with your disposable income then it can monitor and control overspending.




Mvelopes – IOS, Android

This is another great app to help you budget. It uses an envelope system to ensure you don’t overspend. This involves you budgeting a certain amount of money for certain things, such as food or nights out for that week. Once you use up the money in that envelope, that’s it, so it’s a great way to ensure you don’t end up overspending on things you don’t need (such as mulled wine). This is also a good app if you have more than one bank account – you can link this app up to a maximum of 4 bank accounts.



Top apps for controlling your units


There are a number of good apps that allow you to easily control how many units you are consuming, as well as providing great feedback and support if you are trying to cut back on how much you drink. Most of these apps now also allow you to also monitor how much you have spent on drinks, meaning there is no excuse for overspending due to unnecessary drinks over the holidays.



Drink Aware – IOS, Android

This is a great app for controlling not only how much you are drinking, including the calories you’ve racked up from each drink, but also how much you are spending. This allows you to control your finances in relation to drinking and nights out, as well as monitoring how much you have drank. The best part is that this is all done using this neat little app. It addition it provides useful information regarding the health benefits associated with cutting back drinking, and also provides personal support to make sure you reach your goals. All the information you could need is displayed using graphs, charts and other visual aids, meaning it is very easy to understand and see how far you have come from day to day or even month to month.




Drink Coach – IOS, Android

Drink coach is another great app that you should download over the holidays. Alongside monitoring how many units and calories you’ve had, it also documents your hangovers and allows you to save location and time based reminders. So if you find yourself becoming tempted to have a few too many drinks at that Christmas social, you can schedule a personal reminder from your sober self, encouraging you to drink less and stay focused. Recording the intensity of your hangovers over time will help you reflect on the amount you can safely drink before you are going to severely affect the following day. One thing I love about this app is it promotes mindfulness and encourages users to visit mindfulness websites to assist them with cutting back on drinking. If you haven’t heard of mindfulness before now, visit the following website to find out more (link).



These apps should provide you with everything you need to monitor and control how many units you are consuming, if you want some more information or advice regarding alcohol you can also visit drink aware or don’t bottle it up. Additionally do not hesitate to contact our service, any information you will need to do this can be found on the University Intranet.


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