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Get career ready this winter

Our student intern, Rachel, talks about how you can have a great Christmas holiday and also get career ready…

Christmas time is the best time to relax, catch up with family and friends and get ready for the next year ahead of us. But remember, we are only half way through the academic year and careers still need to be considered throughout your university journey. The work environment can be a culture shock to recent graduates and the best way to get over this feeling is to get some experience. A university degree is not always enough and increasing your chances of that dream job is important. The Christmas period is a great time to plan your future and see how you’re feeling career-wise.


1. Work on your essays, exam revision and also your career choices

Focusing on your essays and revision is a priority during December and January. However, you have a few weeks to chill out after the long eleven weeks of term. You could research internship opportunities available over the summer, work experience placements during Easter and any graduate positions you are interested in for after graduation. Forward planning is always useful and even if you don’t find anything straight away you can speak to a careers advisor in the New Year to seek advice about where to look and what to do next. The most valuable thing to do is to keep researching and identifying any opportunities you might be interested in.

2. Speak to the Careers Team

Careers appointments and Drop-in are available in December until the centre closes for the winter recess on Friday 22 Decmber. The last drop-in will be 09:00-11:00 on this day.

Check out what’s available. 

Services include gaining work experience  in the UK, Global Opportunities, Enterprise and The Cardiff Award. Careers Advisers are available to support your career plans from first steps to application and interview advice.

As for looking forward… Book an appointment to see a carers adviser, develop your CV, book a Masterclass or look out for upcoming events such as Fairs, employer talks etc.

You can get in touch with the careers team by emailing

You can also follow them on twitter or like them on facebook to keep up with what’s happening and pick up tips.

3. Workshops available at Cardiff University over the Christmas period

There are always workshops running in the Students’ Union or 51a Park Place during term-time, but there are fewer options during December and January.

Find out about the Students’ Union Skills Development Service programmes, as they have a First Aid Course on 17 December and sessions running in the week beginning 18 December, such as:

Skills Development Service
Monday 18/12/2017 Motivation 10:30-12:30
Monday 18/12/2017 Speaking & Presenting 14:00-16:00
Tuesday 19/12/2017 Successful Networking 10:30-12:30
Tuesday 19/12/2017 Coaching Skills 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 20/12/2017 Customer Communication Skills 10:30-12:30


A certificate in ’employability attributes’ will be issued for completion of all 5 units.

Book your place

View the full programme of SDS courses

 4. Practice self-management skills

A key thing that employers value is the ability to self-manage. The most effective way to do this is to purchase a diary/planner and start organising your time. When studying, turning off your phone (and not turning it back on) is a way of learning self-management.


5.  Learn to love challenges

Employers value employees who are willing to tackle challenges head-on rather than someone who gets stuck when facing something new. Setting yourself some challenging new year’s resolutions, whether these are academic or otherwise, is a great way to learn this skill. For example, you could aspire to learn a language in 2018 (you could sign up for a Languages for All programme during the new year), learn how to be more employable (by joining the Cardiff Award) and learning how to help others by volunteering (find out more about the Students’ Union volunteering options).

Employers want staff who have the know-how and skills to get the job done. In 2018, don’t only dress for the job position you want, be the professional you want to be. Now is the time best time to start creating your professional presence.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Check out our winter survival guide

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or remaining in Cardiff, our guide provides tips on study, staying safe, things to do and more practical advice for the holidays.

Read the winter survival guide


Staying in Cardiff over the winter break?

All are welcome at the Cardiff Chaplaincy for Christmas Lunch, which will be held on Monday 25 December at 13:00. Please email if you would like to attend.

Some Cardiff University study spaces will be open for the entire winter recess. Find out more here.


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Best wishes,
Rachel, Student Intern.

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