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Cardiff students success at Bloomberg BAT Test

Guest blog by Lisanne from Bloomberg on Cardiff students and the BAT test …



Bloomberg have had 452 connections made between employers and Cardiff BAT test takers. These were made by 87 unique different companies ranging from Investment Banks, Consultancy Firms, Financial Services, Insurance, Wealth Management, Large Multinationals and everything in between.

The BAT Test offers a great opportunity for Cardiff students and we want to engage with more students and help connect them with graduate recruiters. 


Did you know…

  • Graduate recruitment in the UK is predicted to have the largest annual rise in entry-level placements in four years … Good news, right? So now the question is: who are these employers and how do you stand out to them in the vast pool of students and recent-graduates?

If you are left scratching your head, you need not worry. The answer is taking place right here on campus! On the 25th November, Cardiff University will be hosting the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) for all students who wish to increase their employability prospects. The BAT is a two hour aptitude test that allows students to evaluate their strengths in relation to a financial career and then places their profile and CV in front of over 20,000 employers from a variety of companies looking to hire fresh graduates and interns.


So what is the BAT?

–        The BAT is a two-hour aptitude test comprised of 100 multiple-choice aptitude questions, covering eight key performance areas. The BAT is based on practical scenarios rather than theory and questions are structured to place students into real-world scenarios encountered in a variety of financial roles in order to evaluate their aptitude for a financial career.


How you can benefit from taking the BAT

–        The BAT allows you to identify your strengths and match these with employer’s needs. The test provides students with valuable feedback regarding their personal strengths. In addition, it allows them to connect with Bloomberg’s network of over 20,000 employers to discuss internships and full-time entry level positions.

 –        The BAT can be re-taken for free. Students can re-take the BAT up to once every month free of charge. Employers will not be able to see how many times the test has been taken, allowing the student to attach their best scores to their profile. In the UK this can be done either on campus or from home through E-proctoring.

 –        Your profile is completely anonymous. Employers must request to connect with students directly before their CV is released to view. This means that students have full control over their profile and that poor BAT scores will never negatively affect a student’s employability.

  –        Promote yourself to employers in multiple countries. Bloomberg’s clients are located all over the world and are recruiting students through the Bloomberg Talent Search. Students can take the BAT to connect with these employers allowing them to maximize their job search both locally and abroad.

 –        Gain insight into different roles in finance. BAT test questions are structured to provide insight into different roles and responsibilities within the finance sector and provide early exposure to scenario based questions that may be encountered in interviews.

 –        Include your BAT scores on your CV and Linkedin page. This will allow youto instantly add the most trusted name in finance to your profile and catch the eye of recruiters.



 We looko forward to meeting you on 25th November.


Best wishes
Lisanne, Bloomberg




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