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Bring your creative dream to life with Ymlaen!

Jannat, founder of the creative writing magazine, Lucent Dreaming, discusses her experience of starting her own creative business and how you could do the same…

Have you ever just wanted to drop everything and do your own thing?

You’ve spent years in education trying to get a foothold on real life and now you’re here it’s just kind of…uninspiring.

Maybe you’ve spent some time in the real world working 9-5 for someone else, but it’s never felt quite right, you know? Perhaps you’re starting a new creative project, or you’ve started freelancing in something you’ve always been interested in but don’t really know where to go next, or how to make the next step. Where can you go?

I’ve been there.


Since 8 January this year I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the pilot Ymlaen! Placement at Rabble Studio. I’m just over halfway through a six-month placement (a collaboration between Creative Cardiff, Rabble Studio and Cardiff University’s Enterprise and Start-up team) where I get a full-time desk space at Rabble Studio as well as mentoring from Rabble Studio members and Cardiff University’s Enterprise team, as well as access to Creative Cardiff contacts.

In other words, I get to be around a bunch of cool people all the time, all of whom have been through the hard stuff before, who have made the move to freelance creative or have started businesses (creative and otherwise). Best of all, everyone is so friendly and open that there’s always someone available to advise and encourage. I’m getting what every independent person probably wants: independence without isolation. It’s fantastic.

My application for the Ymlaen! placement was about myself (as an aspiring novelist) and my fledgling side-project-but-suddenly-main-project, Lucent Dreaming, a new online creative writing magazine. However, since I’ve been at Rabble, Lucent Dreaming has morphed into so much more. It’s going to be a print magazine publishing beautiful, surreal and strange creative short stories, poetry and artwork from emerging authors and artists worldwide. And we’re going to have a launch event at the end of April. And we’re going to sell merchandise. And host more writing contests!

Having the support of creatives like Dan Spain (founder of Rabble Studio) and Sarah Millman, who have sent things to print before, as well as mentoring from Amy Pay and Kayleigh Mcleod who know social media inside out, has all helped push Lucent Dreaming from a very unknown online magazine to one that’s had pre-orders and is going to be deposited in the British Library!

I could gush about the placement for another thousand words, but I’m going to leave it here:

I’d encourage anyone who has a seedling of an idea or creative focus to apply. It’s game-changing in the creative industry to actually have the right sort of support to start a creative business. And for me it’s been pretty life-changing, if only for all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.


Interested? Apply by 13 May!

Rabble Studio and Creative Cardiff are offering a desk space and mentoring for three recent graduates in Rabble’s eclectic, complementary community of friendly and creative people. There will also be business support from Cardiff University’s Enterprise and Start-Up team.

This opportunity is open to those who:

  • have graduated from Cardiff University since 2015
  • are based in Cardiff and the city region
  • have a creative business or project idea to pursue.

The three desks are available from 2 July 2018 for six months.

Find out how to apply for an Ymlaen placement before 13 May.


Lucent Dreaming

You can find out more about Lucent Dreaming by visiting our website, or following us on Twitter @LucentDreaming and FB /lucentdreaming


Best wishes,

Jannat, founder of Lucent Dreaming.

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