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9 Things to do this Easter

Victoria, student intern, shares 9 things to do this Easter, to help you to keep busy, recover after a stressful term and prepare for another.

It’s Easter at last! Another term has whizzed by, the deadlines are done, the Welsh weather has suddenly transformed and Varsity has left everyone with that victory glow. Now a whole three weeks off! If you’re heading home or especially if you’re staying in Cardiff, check out these tips to keep you hopping along the Easter trail.



1. Wind down

It’s been a long old term and brains across campus have been frazzled by presentations, deadlines and lecture notes. Take a bit of time to recuperate, relax and de-frazzle that brain. Indulge in some you time. Watch that film you’ve been fancying, catch up with your favourite series or read that book you put aside.


2. Eat well

The tidal wave of work that rolls in at the end of terms tends to wash away all attempts at healthy eating. End the mighty reign of hastily-bought Tesco meal deals and take-away treats in favour of some balanced meals. If you’re staying in Cardiff this Easter, take a trip down to Cardiff Market to buy all your fruit and vegetables and try out some online recipes. Check out our 6 Ways to Save Money on Food or try out some of our Easy Eats!

Make an exception for a chocolate egg or two, of course.


3. Exercise

Nothing will make you feel as active and productive as getting back into some exercise. Join the gym, try some classes, get back into sport or take advantage of the spring weather to go for a walk or jog.

If you’re staying in Cardiff, find out about the facilities and classes available with Cardiff University Sport.



4. Explore

Spring is here and summer’s in the air. I think it may have actually been more than a week since it last rained. It’s a perfect time to spend more time outside, go for a walk, read a book in the park or go for a cultural day out to somewhere like St Fagans.

If you’re staying in Cardiff over Easter, why not take advantage of the transformed Welsh weather and discover Cardiff and beyond on a budget?

Watch our video, ‘5 Places to Go Around Cardiff for Under £5’


5. Try something new

Why not use your free time to try something new? Always wanted to bake a cake? Release your inner Mary Berry. Desire to learn French? Have a go at some of the open-access facilities available from Cardiff University such as Rosetta Stone courses. Remember that you don’t need to break the bank on trying something new – there are online courses and youtube tutorials galore online.

We have a tendency to go to the same places and hang out with the same people, so use this time to shake things up a bit. Go to a yoga class or a salsa night. There’s always lots to do in Cardiff, so try something new!


6. Socialise

If you’re heading home, catch up with some old friends or spend some time with your family.

If you’re staying in Cardiff, try to meet up with any friends you know are staying as well. Reaching out can help make any feelings of loneliness better. Use social media to make contact with other Cardiff students via groups, clubs, societies or friends of friends. You could also see if any old friends can come down for a visit.


7. Catch up with work

Don’t make the mistake of winding down for all of Easter then stressing when you realise how much work you’ve left until last minute! Take this time to get organised and get ahead on your uni work. Set a few hours aside each day, in the day or in the evening if you’re out enjoying the weather. Making sure you do a few hours each day will make a difference and help you avoid that sudden panic at the end of the break.

If you’re staying in Cardiff over Easter you may have fewer distractions, so take advantage of this to get ahead. This will mean less stress and more free time once the term starts again! Try and get into a routine. Going to the library is a good way to do this, as making sure you have a separate work and leisure space can help you be more productive. Check the Easter Library opening times here.



8. Plan for the future

Summer is round the corner, and for all those in their last year – the future is calling! Plan a trip, apply for an internship or scout out a placement or some work experience. University is the best time to get work experience that can help you stand out from in the graduate crowd, so make the most of it. If you need any help, you can book an appointment with our friendly team at Careers and Employability.

Read our Careers & Employability Blog Posts for inspiration.


9. Make some money

Take advantage of this newfound free time to increase your depleted student funds. If you’re staying in Cardiff, sign up to Jobshop for updates about any work available over the holidays. Doing some casual work is a great way to keep busy and meet new people.



Staying here over Easter?

If you’re staying in Cardiff over the Easter break, check our blog page for posts about things to do in the Easter break. Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook for even more. The Student Support Centres will be open during Easter so please contact them if you need anything at all. The Student Support Centres are located at 50 Park Place, Cathays Campus and Cardigan House, Heath Park Campus.


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Have a lovely Easter everyone!


Best wishes

Victoria, Student Intern.


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