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10 things you can do this Easter

Don’t be a lost little bunny – here are some great tips for things to do by Virgina, Jomec student and Student Marketing Intern …



Being away from home during Holiday season is always hard, especially when you step outside and you realise Cathays is completely deserted! However, just because student life stops for a few weeks, it doesn’t mean you have nothing to do in a large city like Cardiff. Last year I didn’t go home during Easter break and I still managed to have some fun.

Here are some tips of things you can do to feel less lonely and make good use of your spare time! 

1. Eat well and cook

I always try to eat as healthy as possible, however during term time I am usually too busy. During the Spring break go to Cardiff Market and buy fresh groceries – it will make a massive difference! Also, try cooking yourself: google some exotic recipes or try to make that amazing pie your mum cooks every week.

Read our blog for more ideas 5 Tips for Eating Well on a Budget


2. Spend time outside

During Spring the weather gets much warmer and you can see nature blossoming, so try to be outside as much as you can! You can go for a walk, a jog or just lie down and enjoy. Remember you don’t need to go far to appreciate nature, Roath and Bute Park are just around the corner!


Find out more about parks and activities in Cardiff from Cardiff City Council.


3. Do exercise!

Nothing will make you feel as active and productive as working out. You can take advantage of the good weather and do some exercise outside or you can join the gym. Try to have a weekly target this will help you have some structure and plan. For instance, I always try to go to the gym three times a week – but I never manage it with deadlines and coursework so during holidays I try to make up for it.


Find out more about Cardiff University Sport & Exercise and what’s available – try a new class!


4. Try a new hobby

Now that you’ll have more free time, why not go around doing something you have not had time to do? You could learn a new language, improve your baking skills or even start sewing. Remember you don’t need to spend much money on this, there are plenty of online courses and YouTube tutorials that can help, the sky is your limit!


5. Treat yourself

If you have the flat to yourself, why not indulge in some ‘me’ time? Read that book you’ve been putting aside, catch up with your favourite series or play your favourite music as loud as you want, after all you deserve it!


6. Catch up with work

Over the holidays you’ll have a lot of free time, also as many of your friends won’t be around you’ll have less distractions, so why not prepare ahead and catch up with uni work? This will mean less stress and more free time once the term starts again!


7. Socialise

During the Spring break many students do not go home for Easter, so why not meet up with your friends staying in Cardiff? Keeping each other company will make loneliness better. Use Social Media to make contact with other Cardiff students via groups, clubs and societies or friends of friends.


8. Go to new places

For some reason, we always end up going to the same places and hanging out with the same people. However, trying different places can be a revealing experience. Last Easter, my friend and I decided to do something different from our usual student nights and went to a Salsa Night at la Tasca. Here we met a bunch of people and had loads of fun! Try something different!


9. Discover Wales

So you’ve been living in Cardiff for some time now, but do you actually know Wales? There are so many tourist attractions to visit in Cardiff and Wales, especially in the Spring weather. Have a look at Visit Wales website and plan something!


10. Think about the future

Summer is around the corner, so why not start planning it? Now it is the time to arrange a trip or start applying for an internship or work experience placement for the Summer months. If you are in your final year and you still don’t know what you’ll be doing after graduation, why not start planning and researching possible graduate schemes, internships or even start job seeking? Remember if you need any help, you can contact Careers and Employability and book an appointment!


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If you feel homesick this Easter, you are not alone, please read my post 6 tips for dealing with homesickeness over Easter.


I hope you have a lovely Easter in Cardiff and make good use of your time!


Best wishes
Virginia, Student Marketing Intern


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