Alcohol Awareness Week 17th to 24th November – it’s time to talk about drinking, by Jennifer Prosser, Staff Occupational Health and Wellbeing Advisor

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Those in work are more likely to drink alcohol than those without jobs and the over 45s are three times more likely to drink alcohol every day.

Did you expect that?

Did you know that you reduce your risk of harm from alcohol if you have at least two alcohol free days a week?

Those facts and that message are just some of the issues being raised as part of Alcohol Awareness Week.

Cardiff University Wellbeing Service are supporting the campaign by Alcohol Concern and Public Health Wales and encouraging people to become aware of the lesser known issues closely related to alcohol.

Over the next week we will be raising awareness about the harm of drinking daily and hopefully challenge some stereotypes about drinking and who is likely to be drinking too much. In other words, to get us all thinking and talking about drinking.


Throughout next week look out for more facts, challenges, advice and information.

And let’s get talking and busting some of those myths. Don’t let drink sneak up on you. . .

Jennifer Prosser

Staff Occupational Health and Wellbeing Advisor


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