Be in the Academic Panel!

At the SSC Showcase event in July, there will be academic panels moving around the room viewing posters and asking questions to the students who produced them. The Academic Panels will consist of one academic or SSC tutor working with two Year 3 students. The judging of these panels will contribute to oral presentation qualification, aggregated with student votes. We are looking for student volunteers to be part of these panels. If you are interested to be a part of the academic panel please visit this link:


Why should you volunteer to be on an academic panel?

– It will maximise your learning experience of A) how to perform well at conferences and B) subject areas that other students have covered.

– It will give you first-hand experience of how experienced academics approach conference style events and the types of questions they ask

– It will give you experience of a systematic approach to assessments

– You will be given a certificate saying you have been part of an Academic Panel

– You will need to be there so why not have a defined role

For any queries please contact sscshowcase15@gmail.com


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