Hawk-Eye technology research sparks national conversation

Research led by Professor Harry Collins into Hawk-Eye technology has been featured on the Conversation UK, sparking debate about its accuracy in sport.

‘Out! Goal! The ball was in! But could Hawk-Eye get it wrong?’ has received more than 10,000 views on the independent news and commentary website, in which articles are written by academics and journalists. 

The article discusses that reconstructed track devices, such as Hawk-Eye, are based on estimates which can lead to a larger than average margin for error. It suggests that these technologies are not infallible and that spectators ought to know more about how the technology works.


Professor Collins and Dr Rob Evans published their first paper on this topic in 2008 in which they used Hawk-Eye to examine the public understanding of science. A subsequent paper, published in 2012, looked in more detail at how technologies are being used in a number of sports, paying particular attention to how uncertainty is conveyed to viewers and spectators and how the same technology is being used differently by cricket and tennis .  

The Conversation article was also picked by New Statesman.