I have published my research results widely in international journals and referred international conference proceedings. The recent publications are listed below, and the full list of my publications can be found from the sub-menu.

Recent Papers

  • Fan, Y., Chen, S., Pan, S. & Dou, S. (2020). “Storm-induced hydrodynamic changes and seabed erosion in the littoral area of Yellow River Delta: A model-guided mechanism study”. Continental Shelf Research, 104171, [DOI: 10.1016/j.csr.2020.104171]
  • Li, J., Y. Pan, Y. Chen & S. Pan (2020). “Estimating Typhoon Waves based on the Modified ECMWF ERA-5 Wind Data.” Journal of Coastal Research 95(sp1): 1177-1182.
  • Qu, G., Pan, S., Hu, C., Yao, S., Ding, B. & Liu, F. (2020). “Experimental study on the mechanisms of flow and sediment transport in a vegetated channel”. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Water Management (online), [DOI: 10.1680/jwama.19.00074]
  • Ji, H., Pan, S. & Chen, S. (2020). “Impact of river discharge on hydrodynamics and sedimentary processes at Yellow River Delta”. Marine Geology, 106210, [DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2020.106210]
  • Kiiza, C., Pan, S.-Q., Bockelmann-Evans, B. & Babatunde, A. (2020). “Predicting pollutant removal in constructed wetlands using artificial neural networks (ANNs)”. Water Science and Engineering 13(1), 14-23, [DOI: 10.1016/j.wse.2020.03.005]
  • Álvarez, F., Pan, S., Coelho, C. & Baptista, P. (2020). “Modeling Shoreline Changes in Northwest Portugal Using a Process-Based Numerical Model: COAST2D”. Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering 146(4), 04020006, [DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)WW.1943-5460.0000563]
  • Chen, Q., Zhu, J., Lyu, H., Pan, S. and Chen, S., 2019. Impacts of topography change on saltwater intrusion over the past decade in the Changjiang Estuary. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 231: 106469.
  • Kim, S., Pan, S. & Mase, H., 2019. Artificial neural network-based storm surge forecast model: Practical application to Sakai Minato, Japan. Applied Ocean Research, 91: 101871.
  • Reeve, D.E., Horrillo-Caraballo, J., Karunarathna, H. & Pan, S. (2019). “A new perspective on meso-scale shoreline dynamics through data-driven analysis”. Geomorphology 341, 169-191, [DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2019.04.033]
  • Gan, M., Chen, Y., Pan, S., Li, J. & Zhou, Z. (2019). “A Modified Nonstationary Tidal Harmonic Analysis Model for the Yangtze Estuarine Tides”. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 36(4), 513-525, [DOI: 10.1175/jtech-d-18-0199.1]
  • Chen, Y., Li, J., Pan, S., Gan, M., Pan, Y., Xie, D. & Clee, S. (2019). “Joint probability analysis of extreme wave heights and surges along China’s coasts”. Ocean Engineering 177, 97-107, [DOI:]
  • ….