Yellow River Delta Visit

Invited by Prof Shenliang Chen of East China Normal University and supported by the State Key Laboratory Open funds, I visited Yellow River Delta from 22-30 March 2016. It was a fantastic visit. I was impressed by the scale of the Delta. Presentations were given at China Oceanography Centre (No1) in Qingdao.

EPSRC PhD Studenships



Visiting Wuhan University

20150910180135_60860Invited by Prof Junqiang Xia, I visited the State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science of Wuhan University on 10-11 Sept 2015. During the visit, I gave a seminar on modelling coastal and estuarine processes.

Field Survey in China

hainanSpent over 10 days in Aug on the beach after joining the field survey group in Hainan (see map in right). The field trip was organised by Prof Chen of East China Normal University in Shanghai. The survey was a follow-up measurements since July 2015 after storm events.  The measurements were conducted at a number of sites around the island.