Authorising Scanning and Ensuring Compliance

It is a requirement of our Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education Licence that all scanned reading list materials uploaded to Learning Central are authorised by a designated person. This means we are breaching the terms of our key licence if teaching staff are carrying out their own scanning, or uploading material that they have sourced elsewhere.

The Learning Resource Officer must approve all digitisation requests, so any book chapters and journal articles that you want to upload to Learning Central must be authorised by Scott Pryor:

A key part of our licence agreement  is that we record details of every resource scanned and report them to the CLA. The CLA also have the right to inspect Learning Central to ensure we have complied with our licence.

The key point of our licence is that we can scan a maximum of:

5% or 1 chapter/article from a book/journal.

Therefore, if a chapter/article comprises less than 5% of the entire work we may be able to scan more. The Learning Resource Officer will let you know if this is the case.

We are also unable to scan material from certain publishers – mostly based in the US. In these cases the Learning Resource Officer will work with you to identify alternative resources.



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