Welcome to the Learning Resources Support Service

The Learning Resource Support Service (LRSS) supports CARBS academic staff by providing digital reading list materials – including book chapters, journal articles, and Harvard business cases. If a book or journal article is already available online we’ll create a link that will take your student straight to the item, and if the book or journal article is only available physically we’ll digitise it and upload it to Learning Central for you.
We support the University’s new Box of Broadcasts service, helping you use over 1,200,000 TV and radio programmes from over 60 channels.
We also advise on copyright-related issues, helping you use a wide range of suitable materials for your research and teaching. 
We also advise your students on the correct use of copyright material in their own work, and can guide students to further information on how to correctly cite and reference materials.
For more information please contact Scott Pryor, our Learning Resource Officer, at


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