The heart of the project is a research monograph entitled Rethinking Existentialism. It will argue for an original analysis of what existentialism, focused on Beauvoir and Sartre in relation to Camus, Fanon, Freud, and Merleau-Ponty.

As each chapter is drafted, it will be posted here. You are very welcome to read them. I would like constructive critical feedback, to be acknowledged in the book’s preface. If you would like to comment, please do so under the relevant chapter’s news post or send me an email.

Draft chapters

Child playing hopscotch1. What is Existentialism?

2. Why Meursault Is An Outsider

3. Freedom and the Origins of Reasons

4. Why Xavière Is A Threat To Françoise

5. Psychoanalysis and the Existentialist Mind

6. Why Inez Is Not In Hell

7. Sedimentation and the Grounds of Cultural Values

8. Black Skin, White Masks

9. From Absurdity to Authenticity

10. The Imperative of Authenticity

11. The Future of Existentialism