So, here we go…

Hey! I’m Mark, I’m a second year Pharmacy student from Cardiff, and I’m currently on a Pharmacy Erasmus placement in Regensburg Germany. Getting a placement was hard work, so I’m glad that I’ve got a place here! I flew in Monday, via Singapore Airlines. I didn’t understand why they were flying Manchester to Munich, but nevertheless, it was perhaps the most fancy plane I have been on. Breakfast, beverages and cocktails were all on offer. Top show.

So fancy!

So fancy!

The University is a little way out of the city – about a 50 min walk or a 10 min taxi ride. I found out that my accommodation is quite a way a way and also has no WiFi, which is far from ideal. Therefore, I’m currently having to make a daily pilgrimage to the Uni campus to hop on Eduroam. I never thought I’d be so glad to see it.

The University.

The University.

The University.

The University.


The library.


So much concrete.

For second year, I’ve lived on Elm Street, off City Road. To say that my room there was small was an understatement – it was the size of a double bed, plus about 60cm to one wall, and 1m to the other. It was tiny. So my room here is gargantuan in comparison – it’s at least three times the size. The halls that I’m in are right opposite a park, which is lovely, especially in this weather.


The halls.



My flat are pretty cool. It’s shared between 6 other people. All of them are German, but they do speak a little English. I think I’m the only exchange student that they’ve had though. I’d like it if there were some more people from back home, but hey, can’t have it all! I start work in the lab next Monday. It seems that I’m going to be working with a professor, looking into how gene expression affects cGMP and the renin-angiotensin system. It sounds pretty interesting! So, in the meantime I’ve got some time off and will go for a little look around the city. So, until next time… Auf Weidersein!


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