Teenage and young adult nursing research

Dr Jane Davies, Senior Lecturer and RCBC Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD: The fluctuation of agency in teenagers and young adults with cancer

Post doc:  An examination of the role of partners in helping to meet the support needs of adolescents and young adults with cancer.

My PhD study was about decision making during teenage and young adult cancer treatment. When I first began this work, I wanted to know more about cancer experience in this group to help me to develop my research ideas so that the questions I asked would be useful and based on real life experience. This meant that it was important not just to talk to those with cancer but to also collaborate with families, which helped to further inform the study and the approaches I used.

In a more recent project which I have just begun, I have developed this approach further by forming an advisory group of teenagers and young adults (TYA) to talk about cancer experience. On this occasion however, I am talking to the partners of those being treated for cancer as I try to find out more about the lives of those who support (TYA) as they make their way through treatment. Moreover this time I will meet with the advisory group at a number of time points later in the study to discuss my findings and to involve the group in the development of a guide of partners. As part of the planning this time I also managed to obtain money so that I could offer remuneration to those taking part in the group.