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Lloyd’s PGT Scholarship allowed him to uncover different societies and cultures

Lloyd didn’t feel ready to give up studying after completing his BA History here at Cardiff. His Postgraduate Taught Scholarship enabled him to pursue his passion for Asian history, a topic which he hopes to pursue at Doctoral level. Lloyd is currently studying MA History in the School of History, Archaeology and Religion and is making full use of Cardiff’s extensive historical research collections.

Can you tell us a little bit about the programme in your own words?

“I am studying modern Asian history. Thus far, I have attended Dr Federica Ferlanti’s module ‘China 1840 – 1919’. For each seminar I produced a 20 minute presentation, which meant devising a question, understanding the historical debate, and engaging with the sources available on the topic. This led to lengthy seminar discussions, where students were challenged to justify their arguments. I covered many topics, such as millenarian religion and ecology in the Boxer Rebellion (1898 – 1901), women and nationalism in the May Fourth Movement of 1919, and the impact of global trade and technological advancements during the colonial era. Alongside this, there have been historical theory seminars, and vocationally orientated research classes, designed to provide the skills and techniques for producing good research.”

What did the Postgraduate Taught Scholarship mean to you?

“The scholarship has allowed me to continue studying Asian history, an interest which started as a naïve desire discover cultures and societies different from my own, and has developed into a fascination and compulsion to gain greater understanding of our shared global history. I feel blessed and very grateful to have been accepted for the scholarship, as without it I could not have afforded to take the course. ”

Have you been able to secure funding from other places, how else are you supporting your studies?

“For the remainder of my funding, I am extremely thankful to my parents, who offered to support my education.”

What were your motivations for undertaking a postgraduate degree?

“After completing my BA in History here at Cardiff, I did not feel ready to give up studying. Learning about Indian and Chinese history opened my mind to the wider world and uncovered a sense of purpose and direction to work I had never experienced before. As such, I was eager to return to Cardiff to study with the tutors, whose generosity with time and a passion for the topic convinced me that I should commit to a postgraduate degree.”

Why did you decide to do your postgraduate degree at Cardiff?

“I was mainly motivated by the fact that I had previously studied at Cardiff, I knew that the university could provide all I was looking for, in terms of tutors and library collections.”

Is there anything about your postgraduate course that has stood out in your experience?

“The most enjoyable thing about the course has been the nature of the studies. The seminars have been student driven, allowing for much experimentation and exploration in reading and writing. I have enjoyed the support from other students on the course, and the graduate centre in the students union is excellent for work and rest.”

What do you think of Cardiff as a place to live as a postgraduate?

“Having grown up in Cardiff, I’m not sure my opinion is worthwhile as I have only stayed in other places briefly. I guess my favourite thing about Cardiff is that it is small enough to get most places on a bike without too much hassle or too many hills. It’s a very peaceful city, which is great when you want to travel around different areas or work on late in the university.”

How do you think your postgraduate course will contribute to your future career plans?

“Ultimately, I have done the masters in order to be able to apply for a doctorate, which, with much hard work and some luck, will allow me to continue researching history. After completing this first semester, I have learnt a great deal about research methods and presentation skills, which I can see will be great transferable skills when I decide to pursue a carrier.”

Has studying for a postgraduate degree at Cardiff University lived up to your expectations?

“Yes, I has been very challenging and rewarding.”

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